Sometimes, what happens on the cricket field defies description and belief. The same thing happened a while back when a team in the New Zealand domestic cricket achieved a daunting task of scoring 12 runs in 1 ball. This unlikely event took place in the New Zealand state twenty 20 competition on 28 January 2007 in the match between Northern Districts and Auckland. Some of the New Zealand players featuring in this match were Martin Guptill, Scott Styris, Andre Adams, Daryl Tuffey and Chris Martin.

But the one name you should be focusing on is Andre Adams who scored those 12 runs in 1 ball. When Andre Adams came on the pitch, the Auckland needed 14 runs of 4 balls which eventually came down to 12 runs in 1 ball. The equation wasn’t in the favor of Auckland, as Adams was facing the best bowler on the day “Graeme Aldridge”.

Greatest Finish in Cricket History | Last Ball Drama

The equation changed quite quickly as Aldridge bowled a full toss which took the edge of Adams bat for a boundary. To make the matter even worse, the umpire signaled it as a waist-high no-ball. You all will be thinking if it’s a no-ball, it should have resulted in 5 runs. But, here comes the twist. A no-ball in the New Zealand domestic cricket is worth six runs which meant that Auckland needed 6 runs of 1 ball and what happened next will go down in the history books. As Adams hit the last ball for a Six to claim this unlikely victory. 

So, cricket fans! have you ever see anything like this before? If yes, then let us know in the comments section given below and tell us about any other greatest finish in the cricket history that you have seen in your life.

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