5 best female boxers today

Female boxers are not as rare as you would think; in fact, women have been indulged in the sport from the last 18th Century. However, female boxers do not get as much recognition as male boxers do. Female boxing was introduced in the Olympics in 2012 and has since begun to grow. Women all around the world are gradually coming towards the sport. Currently, there are many talented female boxers in the world: Here is a list of the 5 best female boxers today:

5. Katie Taylor:

The Irish professional boxer Kattie Page is included in the Lightweight section of female boxing. Katie has played over 17 matches in her career and has won every single one of them.

5 best female boxers today

She holds many prominent titles such as the WBC, IBF Female Lightweight Championship, WBO, WBA, and many more. She has also won 5 gold medals in the Women’s World Championships and 6 gold medals in the European Championships. Her aggressive boxing style is often compared to some of the best male boxers.

4. Claressa Shields:

Claressa Shields is an American professional boxer. She was voted the best female boxer in 2020. Katia has only fought in 10 matches and has won them all.

5 best female boxers today

She is in the Middleweight division and currently holds the WBO Female light-mid weight titles and the IBF Female Super middleweight title. Claressa is also a mixed martial artist. In 2020 she was named the Best Active Female Boxer by ESPN Sports.

3. Laila Ali:

Laila Ali is a former professional boxer and is known as one of the greatest female boxers in history. She is the daughter of Muhammad Ali, the boxing legend. Laila has fought 24 matches in her career and has 0 losses.

5 best female boxers today

She is included in the heavyweight division and holds multiple records, such as the IBA Female Super Middleweight title and IWBF Light heavyweight title. Laila has starred in many Hollywood movies and tv shows and is a prominent celebrity in Hollywood.

2. Ann Wolfe:

Anne Wolfe is a retired professional American boxer. She has starred in the movie Wonder woman as well. Ann holds multiple world titles across divisions.

Ann Wolfe

She has fought 26 matches and has won 24 of them. She is undoubtedly one of the best female boxers in history. Ann made her boxing debut in 1998 in the U.S Nationals Championships. Anne retired from boxing in 2006, but even in her brief career, she was undefeated.

1. Lucia Rijker:

The best female boxer in the world today is Lucia Rijker. Lucia is a Dutch Professional boxer and is called the World’s Most Dangerous Female Boxer ever. Her fighting style is aggressive and ruthless, due to which it is nearly impossible to defeat her. She is also included in the hall of fame.

Lucia Rijker

Lucia has fought 17 matches in her career and won each of them. She has been featured in many magazines, such as Inside Kung Fu. In 2006 Lucia retired from professional boxing but is still remembered today as the greatest female boxer of all times.

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