5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

Cricket is one of the most-watched sports in the world. It has its fans all around the world who support different teams and are crazy about them. People always love to watch cricket. However, there are some specific games and records that are simply breathtaking. Some cricketers have made exceptional world records. For instance, some batsmen have scored the fastest centuries in the history of cricket. Here are those 5 fastest centuries most appreciated in the world.

Brian Lara (West Indies)

Brian Lara made this record in his West Indies tour of the country Bangladesh in October of 1999. He made the record of having the world’s fifth-fastest century in the 2nd ODI match. Moreover, he had scored this century in only 45 deliveries.

5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

Brian made a total of 117 runs in 62 balls in that inning. Additionally, he had a strike rate of 188 along with 4 sixes and 18 boundaries in total.

Mark Boucher (South Africa)

Mark Boucher was the best Wicketkeeper of South Africa. Therefore, it was an excellent achievement for him to make a century. However, it was also a shocker for many people because they never expected a wicketkeeper to score a century.

5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

Mark Boucher scored a century from the Zimbabwe tour of South Africa in only 44 balls, surprisingly. It was a match that was played in the 3rd ODI in September of the year 2006.

Shahid Afridi (Pakistan)

Shahid Afridi is a highly praised and well-known cricketer from Pakistan. He is also known as boom-boom for his fantastic performance in cricket. Afridi is an exceptional batsman who has millions of fans all around.

5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

He made a historical record of scoring the fastest century. He made this century in only 37 balls when he was playing against Sri-Lanka in the late ’90s. Moreover, he had scored 6 boundaries and 11 sixes. However, he got out at 102 runs.

Corey Anderson (New Zealand)

Corey Anderson is a fantastic cricketer who made the groundbreaking record of scoring the fastest century in only 36 balls. He was on his West Indies tour of New Zealand in his 3rd ODI Match when he made this record. Corey Anderson’s record will always be remembered by the entire world in the times to come.

5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

Moreover, this record of one of the fastest centuries ever made was made on the first day of 2014. Corey Anderson had managed to score 6 fours and 14 sixes that day.

AB de Villiers (South Africa)

AB de Villiers is known for scoring the fastest century in the entire history of cricket. No one has been able to break the record of AB de Villers. He made this record in 2nd ODI against the team of West Indies.

5 Fastest Centuries in Cricket

It was on 18th January 2015 when he made 149 runs in only 44 balls. Moreover, he has made 16 sixes that day along with 9 boundaries. He got out when only one run was left to reach 150 runs.

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