5 highest paid caddies

Just like Referees and Umpires, Caddies contribute largely to sports but are mostly left unnoticed. To be clear, a caddie is an individual that carries a golf player’s clubs and bags and is a moral supporter of the golf player in the field. Caddies are also paid generously, and we have created a list of the 5 highest earning golf caddies today

A caddie provides all sorts of assistance to the golfer during the match and is an integral part of golf. Each golf player has their own caddie to ensure thorough aid during the game.

A good caddie has all the knowledge regarding the match’s obstacles and challenges and provides the best possible solutions for them.

5. Tim Tucker

Tim Tucker currently caddies for the US Open Champion Bryson DeChambeau. He has a PGA Tour Purse of $233,801 and a basic salary of $120,000.

5 Highest Paid Golf Caddies in PGA

Tim started Caddying for Bryson in the year 2016. Both of them together have witnessed many victories, including the 2020 US Open Championship.

4. Adam Hayes

Adam Hayes caddies for one of the most successful golfers in the world, Jon Rahm. He is regarded as one of the most successful gold caddies and earns a basic salary of $120,000.

5 Highest Paid Golf Caddies in PGA
John Rahm and Adam Hayes.

Adam also has $254,625 In his PGA Tour Purse. The duo started working together in 2016 and, by the year 2020, became highly successful.

3. Austin Johnson

Austin Johnson is the younger brother of Dustin Johnson and is also his caddie. Both the brothers have grown successful since they first started working together in 2013.

5 Highest Paid Golf Caddies in PGA
Austin Johnson and Dustin Johnson.

Austin and Dustin have won 9 tournaments together. Forbes has listed Austin as one of the highest paid golf caddies in PGA globally. Austin has a basic salary of $120,000 and has earned a minimum of $500,000 annually in six golf tournaments. Austin’s PGA Tour Purse is $352,600.

2. Jonathan Jakovac

Jonathan Jakovac is a former golfer and a caddy presently for

Jonathan Jakovac
Collin Morikawa and Jonathan Jakovac.

The duo has won 3 PGA tours. He has also caddied for the golfer Ryan Moore for over 7 years.

Jonathan has won two national tournaments for California State University as well. His overall earning is $486,825 with a PGA Tour Purse of $366,825 and a basic salary of $120,000.

He has caddied for over 9 years for multiple golfers, including Matt Bettencourt, Zack Miller, John Merrick, and Pete Tomasulo.

1. Jimmy Johnson

Jimmy Johnson presently caddies for one of the best golf players in the world, Justin Thomas. Both of them together have gained immediate success.

Justin Thomas and Jimmy Johnson
Justin Thomas and Jimmy Johnson

Johnson has won 13 PGA tournaments as a caddie for many golfers. He has caddied for almost 21 years and is currently the highest-paid caddie in the PGA tournament. In 2020, Johnson’s estimated PGA Tour Purse was $382,851, along with a basic salary of $120,000.

Jimmy is regarded as one of the most experienced caddies in the world.  He has caddied for Steve Stricker, Charles Howel III, Nick Price, and Adam Scott as well.

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