5 highest paid wrestlers in WWE

WWE is the best source of entertainment for wrestling lovers all around the globe. It has never failed to entertain us with some of the best wrestlers and the unique matches of all wrestling leagues. WWE has also shaped some of the most commonly known wrestlers in the world like John Cena, The Rock, Randy Orton, etc. But what most of us don’t know that these wrestlers are included in some of the highest-paid athletes in the world, and so here is a list of the 5 highest paid wrestlers in WWE:

The Miz

Michael Gregory Mizanin is one of the most famous WWE wrestlers. With a net worth of $9 million, Michael makes almost $2.5 million annually through contracts with WWE.

5 highest paid wrestlers in WWE

He has also featured in several movies and TV series and is also the endorser for the official WWE merchandise. He has won almost 19 championships in WWE.

Randy Orton:

Randy Orton is one of the most loved wrestlers in WWE. He is the youngest World Heavyweight Champion. Randy’s net worth is $11 million as of 2021, and he earns $4.5 million from WWE alone.

5 highest paid wrestlers in WWE

He has also starred in many movies and TV shows throughout his career and is involved in many endorsement deals as well. He has won the World Championship title 14 times and is nicknamed ‘The Viper’ by his fans.

Roman Reigns:

Roman Reigns made his way into WWE recently and instantly became the third highest-paid wrestler. He has won the World Championship title 8 times in his short career and earns around $5 million annually.

Roman Reigns


Roman is often called ‘The Big Dog’ due to his muscular body and height. He has been effectively successful in ending Undertaker’s reign. His net worth is almost $12 million and is expected to increase in the coming years.

John Cena:

The most well-known wrestler John Cena is also the second-highest-paid wrestler in WWE. He has a net worth of $60 million and an annual salary of $8.5 million. John is not just a professional wrestler but is also a very successful actor and rapper.

5 highest paid wrestlers in WWE

His movies The Marine, Playing with fire, Blockers gained massive fame. John Cena is also an endorser for Gillette, Capri Sun, Fruity Pebbles, and many other prominent brands. He has won the WWE World Championship title 16 times and is undoubtedly the best wrestler in WWE’s history.

Brock Lesnar:

Brock Lesnar has recently become the highest-paid wrestler in WWE with an annual holiday of $12 million and a net worth of $28 million. He earns $500,000 per event in WWE. He was the first wrestler to break Undertaker’s reign, which led to his ultimate success in WWE.Brock_Lesnar_bio


Brock makes special appearances in WWE and is one of the most ruthless wrestlers in WWE. He is also a former professional football player and former martial arts player. Unlike most of the wrestlers, Brock is not involved in the entertainment industry and earns all his income from WWE, making him the highest-paid wrestler in WWE today.

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