5 Richest Video Gamers Today

Who knew you could make money playing video games. The initial idea of people playing video games was that they wasted their time on their phones, computers, or play stations. However, video gaming has become quite a profession in the past few years. People of all ages are professional video gamers. Here are five of the richest video gamers in the entire world.

Michael Grzesiek

Michael Grzesiek is commonly known by his nickname Shroud. He is a well-known video gamer who is considered the king of a video game named battle royales.

5 Richest Video Gamers in the world - Michael Grzesiek

He has a solid reputation among other gamers of such sort. Moreover, he has become a twitch streamer, and he does that as a full-time profession.

Shroud gained a lot of popularity when he started to stream PUBG on Twitch. He has become one of the richest video gamers in the world. His total earning from this profession has been estimated to be around $12.5 million.

Mark Fischbach

Mark Fischbach is often commonly known as “Markiplier” among other gamers and YouTubers. He is a Youtuber. Moreover, he has about 25 million YouTube subscribers on his channel, which is ‘Markiplier.’

5 Richest Video Gamers in the world - Mark Fischbach

Markiplier is a gamer who posts gaming videos on his YouTube channel. He has managed to gain a lot of popularity through his videos. Mark usually uploads videos of playing horror games or Indie games. He has managed to earn a sum of $14 million till now from this profession.

Preston Arsement

Preston Arsement is a gamer as well as a Youtuber. His full name is Preston Blaine Arsement, and he has managed to gain about 12 million YouTube subscribers on his gaming channel.

5 Richest Video Gamers in the world - Preston Arsement

His channel is quite famous among people as it is an excellent source of entertainment for them. He makes gaming videos as well as prank videos on his YouTube channel.

The two significant games he plays are Roblox and Minecraft. He has earned about $14 million up until now from this profession.


Felix Kjellberg is commonly known as “PewDiePie” by his fans. He has fans from all around the world and is much loved and adored by them.

PewDiePie - PewDiePie 

PewDiePie has about 108 million YouTube subscribers on his channel. He does not only upload gaming videos but also funny content, which is unignorable.

PewDiePie is the number one YouTuber and is the second richest in the richest video gamers list. He has made an earning of about $15 million from this profession.

Tyler Blevins

Tyler Blevins is also famously known as the Ninja. He is the wealthiest video gamer in the world. The primary game which he streams is Fortnite.

5 Richest Video Gamers Today - Tyler Blevins

Moreover, he has been streaming call of duty, PUBG, and H1Z1 as well for about a decade of his gaming career. However, much of his fame came when he started streaming Fortnite.

Ninja has a net worth of $17 million and has advertisement deals with several brands as well—for instance, Red Bull, NFL, underwear designer PSD, and Adidas.

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