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We have had the World Cup 2022 draw – and we all know what group we are in. Some countries have a favorable draw – others have a more worrying group. Bookmakers such as Boylesports are updating their sports odds now based on everything we know…

But this is going to be a unique tournament – one like we have never seen before. Here are 7 World Cup facts you didn’t know – or maybe you did, but they are fun and interesting anyway!

1: Qatar is Home to Some of the Most Unique Stadiums Ever

It is rumored that Qatar is spending around $200 billion in preparation for the World Cup. And with this, they are getting 8 new stadiums ready to host nations from all over the world. Here are the important numbers…

  • 70,000: the number of outdoor lights that will light up the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
  • 10,800: The number of doors at the World Cup stadiums. They will have 26-times the number of doors as the White House.
  • 84,000: The number of tonnes of structural steel used for the infrastructure – is more than double that used for the building of the Burj Khalifa.
  • 9,200: The number of trees set to be planted – is more than double that in London’s Hyde Park.


2: The Centre of the World

Qatar is right at the center of the globe, making it one of the easiest accessible locations for everyone across the world. As such, they are expecting around 1.2 million football fans to come and watch the games – almost twice as many who went to see the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


3: The First-Ever Winter World Cup

Usually, sports fans watch the games by sitting outside in the sun and drinking a cold drink. This time it’s more likely to be a hot chocolate. How this will impact the world leagues remains to be seen. But the weather in Qatar in November and December should be very good.

4: The First Carbon Neutral World Cup in History

One of the biggest appeals for more eco-conscious football fans is that this event will be delivered in a sustainable way. 

As such, all of the infrastructure projects, including the eight new stadiums, are required to adhere to very strict sustainability benchmarks. Because the whole tournament is being held in Qatar, there isn’t the need for continued air travel which is required when different matches have previously been held in different cities. Moreover, they have also worked with the Qatar hotel sector to encourage greener practices and the reduction of carbon emissions.

5: A Diverse Location

It was estimated in 2019 that Qatar was home to 94 different nationalities, with 89.5% of the population ex-pats. This makes it a friendly and diverse setting, perfect for football fans to mingle.

6: The Best Air Travel

Qatar Airways was voted as the World’s Best Airline in 2021 for the 6th time. Also, Hamad International Airports has also named the World’s Best Airport in 2021. Qatar Airways  Holidays is the tournament’s licensed tour operator and can sell ticket inclusive packages. There will be around 1,300 incoming flights every day for the month of the tournament.

7: The World’s Best Technology

The World Cup 2022 experience will be enhanced by some incredible technology – with some technology improved- and some technology introduced that has never been seen before.

They will be using cooling technology in the stadiums to keep players and spectators comfortable alongside air purifiers. There will be LED lighting, retractable roofs, and smart WiFi. Digital content will be available for visually impaired fabs and sensory viewing rooms for those with Autism or other sensory processing issues.

If you are visiting, navigating will be no problem – as they will have innovative wayfinding tech so you can find what you are looking for with a click of the button.

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