A Catholic bishop urges priests to focus on winning souls for God

Archbishop Isaac Bundepuun-Dugu, Bishop of Katsina-Ala Catholic Diocese in Benue State, has urged Catholic priests to shun materialism and focus more on winning souls for God.

The bishop paid a visit to Lafia in Nasarawa State on Saturday, delivering a homily during the Holy Mass on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the priesthood of Fr. Gabriela Ngbei.

priest Ngbea, a professor ordained on August 15, 1998, is the priest in charge of St. Paul’s Catholic Church. Augustine, Ombi 1, Isa Mustapha Agwai Polytechnic 1, Lafia Nasarawa State.

He explained that religious leaders must rise to the occasion and face the threat of enriching themselves by any means and devastate the country.

He said that clergy are aware of society and must be role models by leading exemplary lives.

He added that the Church should deliberately reorient the youth to address the alarming level of social vices and crimes in the country.

He also reminded them that a priest is not said to be successful because of material things, education, stubbornness or arrogance.

“A successful priest should be devoted, humble, leave his life in the service of God and humanity, and above all, strive to win more souls to God,” he added.

For his part, David Ajang, Catholic Bishop of Lafia Diocese, congratulated the celebrant on joining the League of Elders among priests in the church.

Bishop Ajang explained that only 17 priests celebrated their silver jubilee out of 105 Catholic priests in the Lafia diocese.

The bishop added that being senior among priests in the church comes with greater responsibility.

“You should be careful in what you do and say because younger priests look to you as role models.

“You have to guide and help others to avoid the same mistakes you made when you were a younger priest.

“The church must set a good example because in today’s society there is a lack of role models who are disciplined, sincere, responsible and always stick to what is right,” Ajang added.

For his part, Fr. Celebrant Gabriel Ngbea expressed gratitude to God for having seen him so far in service to him and humanity, and also thanked his parents, siblings and all those who played a role in his life.

Therefore, Ngbea promised to dedicate the rest of his life to continue winning souls for God and serving humanity.

On this occasion, the governor. Nasarawa State was represented by his deputy, Dr Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa State. Emmanuel Akabe and Hyacinth Alia, Governor. Benue State, George Akume, Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

Others were also present, including former government officials from Nasarawa and Benue states, Catholic priests from home and abroad, as well as friends and family members of the celebrant.


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