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Don’t you love when the ball boys in sports steal the show? We know that you guys love it when a simple ball boy becomes the star of the night. There are many instances when a ball boy became an internet sensation overnight. So, we have decided to come up with an article that shows some of the amazing moments when ball boys stole the limelight. In this video, you get to see amazing ball boys moments in sports like Football, Tennis, baseball etc.

Amazing Ball Boys Moments in Sports

In Baseball, you will rarely see any ball boy/girl stealing the limelight. But, this ball boy in MLB did something amazing which made him the internet sensation overnight. A ball was going towards the dugout with quite a speed. However, when it reached near the dugout, the ball boy out of nowhere dived towards the ball to stop it from hitting the players. His dive was so good that everyone in the stadium appreciated his effort.

In tennis, you get to see some amazing skills done by the ball boys/girls. In this video, you will see a ball boy juggling the tennis balls at his back. This was quite incredible as he was juggling not two but three balls without looking at it.

Football is one sport where you get to see many great ball boy moments like the Tottenham champions league moment when a ball boy quick thinking resulted in Spurs goal. Spurs manager praised the ball boy by hugging him. Sometimes ball boys show off some skills at the touchline whenever the ball crosses the touchline. In this video, you get to see some of the ball boys showing their footballing skills.

These are some of the best clips you can see of amazing ball boys moments in sports. If you’ve liked it, leave a comment below.


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