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Watching a Major League Baseball game in the stadium is one of the most enjoyable moments in the life of a baseball fan. The sights and the sounds are what make the game of baseball special for the fans. But, there is one more thing that turns the baseball fans into NFL forwards. Yes, we are talking about the catches in the stand. The chance of happening this is quite minimal in any game as most people have a seat where no ball will reach them. But, there have been many instances in the history of MLB where fans got the chance to catch a ball in the stand. For any MLB fan, this is quite a special moment because you don’t get this chance quite often.

Amazing Catch in MLB Ballpark

Today, we have one of the special catch from a spectator who took a catch while holding his child. Yes, you’ve read it right. This happened in one of the games between Toronto Blues and Philadelphia Phillies when Kevin Pillar pitched a foul ball. The Phillies batter, strike the ball which goes into the stand and what happened next is simply brilliant. A guy in the stand catches the ball with one hand while holding his child which resulted in huge cheers from the crowd. The commentators were also praising the guy for his catch because catching the ball with one hand while holding the child is not what you see in MLB quite often. So, watch the full video and enjoy this amazing moment from MLB.

We are going to share some more moments with you guys. Meanwhile, tell us about this moment and how much do you rate it? Is it the amazing catch in MLB Ballpark that you have seen from the crowd? Just answer it in the comments section given below.


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