Anupama 19th November 2023 Written Update Today Episode

We are back with a written update of Anupama, everyone’s favorite show. The show started today with Anupama hugging Anuj after returning home. Anuj asks what happened. Anupama does not anticipate any action. Malti Devi looks at them. Tapish visits Babu Ji at his house. Calling him a senior citizen, she asks how you are. Babu ji says he is not old. Tapish relieves pain by massaging your feet. Babu ji hands him a rupee and adds, “You are employed.” Tapish agrees and puts his hands on his legs. When Dimpy arrives, he asks what is the purpose of his presence. Tapish claims that he is here to retrieve the keys to the academy. According to Dimpy, the Academy will be closed for a few days until Baa recovers. He informs Babu Ji that he is unable to give the reason for his illness.

Anupama November 21, 2023

Anupama and Baa talk about their lives, taking medications and jogging memories in minute details. Before going to office, Anuj drops by to see Baa and Babu Ji. Anupama asks him to give them drink prepared with powdered dry fruits. Anuj agrees saying that they are afraid of losing each other. Boxes of dry fruits have been sent to Shah’s residence and Anuj will collect them, says Barkha Malti Devi. He believes that Anupama has sent something else and is responsible for the house. Kavya asks Dimpy to take a nap and lets Tapish take care of the academy. Dimpy agrees to demand more money but demands the keys from her as he is the responsible person and knows the circumstances.


Anuj comes home to talk about his difficult situation after work with Anupama and Ankush. He decides to get out of this difficult situation by calling Baa and Babu Ji to help them leave the mansion. Happy to see Anupama, they decide to take care of Choti and themselves. Babu ji asks Anupama to explain to Anuj why they are not allowed to stay in Anupama’s residence. According to Anuja, the elders are a blessing and the residence is currently managed by three elders. Malti Devi asks Anuj to take them to the guest room and send them soup while Romil comes to teach them chess.

Barkha brings peanuts and persuades Dimpy and Kavya to accompany Vanraj. Reminiscing her happiest days, Dimpy invites her to Anupama’s residence for a few days. Anuj offers them an electronic bell so they can call her whenever they need to. Kavya encourages her to focus on the academy and her health. Anuj tells Baa that they are special and that he will reprimand them if their daughter comes to know about it. Baa compliments Anuj. He leaves after asking Anupama to take care of them. Babu ji assures Baa that they will leave as soon as he recovers, while Kavya remarks that sometimes friends are needed. Closing the gate and looking out the window, Dimpy rushes inside.


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