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There have been a lot of things which teams in the MLB missed in the last season and most notably it is the fans. As all of you know that all the sporting events were stopped in March to contain the Covid-19 spread. The energy and atmosphere that fans bring in the stadium push the players to do well in the game.

In the new season of MLB, teams are hoping that they don’t have to play in the empty stadiums and fans would come to see the games of upcoming games. Right now, it is too early to say whether the fans would be able to come to the games or not. But, at least what we can do is to share something that can bring back your favorite MLB memories.

Best MLB Ballpark Moments

This brings us to this video which is from a match between Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles in the Fenway Park. In this video, you will see a teenage fan giving a foul ball that he received to a young child. The Orioles batter hit a foul ball that took an edge of the bat and goes behind in the short field. There was a ball girl standing and she gave the ball to a teenage fan.

But, what happened next is so good from the fan. As he stood up from his seat and went to Young child gave the ball to him. This is a huge moment for any MLB fan to receive a game ball. It put a smile on the face of a child and the crowd appreciated the teenage fan gesture. These are the moments we love to see in the sports which we are missing right now. All we can do is hope for the best.

So, guys! These are some of the best MLB ballpark moments. If you’ve liked this video, let us know in the comments and feel free to share any moments from MLB which you think is best in the MLB history.


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