Bulgarian Oscar-winning film “Lekcje Blagi” is selling in key territories

Blaga Lessonsa Bulgarian film submitted to the International Film Oscar, premiered in many countries.

Cinematography. written and directed by Stephan Komandarev, will hit cinemas in Germany in January through distributor JIP Film. After its limited release on October 20, Blaga Lessons will be heard widely in Bulgaria on December 15. Its domestic distributor is A Plus Films.

Additionally, the film will premiere in spring 2023 in Sweden with the distributor in November and January 2023 in Taiwan with Swallow Wings, and premieres are also planned in Spain with Filmin, in Greece with Danaos and in Slovakia with the Association of Slovak Film Clubs.

Blaga Lessons will also air on Warner Bros.’ HBO/Max and Cinemax. Discovery in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria and the countries around the Adriatic Sea.

The film’s world premiere took place in July at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, where it won the Grand Prix for best film and the award for best leading actress for the role of Eli Skorcheva, who returned to the screen after thirty years. Since that time Blaga Lessons it was presented at sixteen festivals, winning seventeen awards, most recently the Grand Jury Prize at the Rome International Film Festival. It was also selected for the 2023 European Film Awards.

Blaga lessons, The third film in Komandarev’s trilogy about social issues in Bulgaria’s post-communist society, it is a thriller that follows Blaga (Skorcheva), a retired Bulgarian teacher who goes through a harrowing emotional journey in the dangerous world of telephone scams. You can watch the new trailer released by Heretic below. The film was produced by Katya Trichkova and Argo Films.

Komandarev’s previous films also included an Oscar nominee The world is big and salvation is lurking around the corner (2008) and another Bulgarian entry to the Oscar, Judgment (2014).


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