Carson Wentz Net Worth

Carson Wentz is a 28-year-old American football quarterback. He plays in the National Football League for the iconic team of Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz net worth in 2021 is estimated to be about $45 million.

Wentz is famous for being one of the most promising and young quarterbacks in the NFL. Like most famous personalities, he too has a favorite footballer, someone from whom he gets inspiration. That famous footballer is Brett Favre.

Carson gained his education from North Dakota State University from the year 2016 and played football there too. He had won five national championships while playing there and from there he got drafted to play for the eagles. While playing for the Eagles in the National Football League, he showed his excellent skills by setting multiple records.

Net Worth: $45 Million
Date of Birth: December 30, 1992
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Source of Wealth: Salary and Endorsements
Nationality: American

Carson Wentz Net Worth in 2021:

Carson Wentz Net Worth

The famous football celebrity, Carson Wentz net worth is about 45 million dollars. This net worth is declared according to the estimate made in 2021.

Carson Wentz signed an extension of a further four more years with the Eagles in June of 2019. This signing led him to a bonus of $16 million, while the deal itself was worth multi-million dollars, approximately ranging to about $128 million.

If Carson keeps performing exceptionally well, like he always has been, he will be granted many incentives in the form of a handsome sum of wealth, approximately ranging up to $144 million. However, he will be making $107 million under all conditions as part of his contract with the eagles.


He has been playing for the Eagles from the year 2016 till the present day. Wentz has an active roster status and has won various awards. His achievements in the world of football are numerous such as:

  • He has been a super bowl champion in 2017
  • A pre-bowl champ in the year 2017
  • A second-team all-pro, also in 2017
  • He has won a Bert Bell award also in 2017
  • And has remained a five-time champion of the FCS from years 2011 to 2015
  • He has made the record of the most pass completions. He made this record only in the early 24 games that he played in his career.
  • Other than that, he was the first-ever quarterback in the history of football games to have a season of 4,000-yard. He made this achievement when he did not have even one receiver within the range of about 500 receiving yards.
  • Carson Wentz was also the very first quarterback in history to make 20 touchdowns (and sometimes even more than that) repeatedly, in multiple seasons.

Salary and Endorsements:

Carson Wentz will be earning a salary of about $15 million for the games which he will be playing in the National Football League. Along with that, he will also be receiving a roster bonus that would be worth $10 million. The salary which he earns by playing football is not his only source of income. He makes much of his money from various endorsements as well. He has endorsement contracts with brands like Bose, Amazon, Nike, NRG energy suppliers based in Philly, BlackRidge Bank, and Bobcat.


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