Charlie Day Broke Character On It’s Always Sunny And They Kept It In The Show

In the chaos of “The World Series Defense,” the gang is trying to argue against a slew of parking tickets received by Dennis (Howerton) after his Range Rover got stuck in the parking lot of the Philadelphia Phillies stadium, Citizens Bank Park. Dennis is doing the majority of the arguing, telling the judge the story of how the gang just tried to see a game of the World Series but ended up in a series of ridiculous situations instead. As Dennis lays out how the events unfolded, Charlie (Day) tries to assist, handing Dennis random papers that he clearly does not need. This infuriates Dennis, who slaps the papers away, which in turn made Day break character:

“I clearly laugh towards the very end. […] Right at the very end I hand one to you and your reaction gets me and I have to look down because I’m laughing.”

Dennis’s reaction is perfectly in-character, as he gets increasingly irritated with Charlie and starts slapping at the papers with more vigor. What’s especially funny about the whole thing is that none of it was scripted, and the irritation was just as real as Charlie’s little laugh. 

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