Cyclists and relatives received health care during Alagang Angkas: Family Weekend

MANILA, Philippines – To celebrate gratitude and camaraderie, Angkas, the country’s leading motorcycle transportation and delivery app, recently organized Angkas: Pamilya Weekend at its office in Cainta Alagang.

This rider-focused event brought together 1,000 Angkas motorcyclists and their families for a day filled with wellness and community services on November 19. During the event, participants were offered necessary health services, and doctors provided free preventive examinations, vision tests and dental checkups.

Attendees could also enjoy relaxation, delicious food and free wellness services such as haircuts, manicures and massages. Angkas has not left children out either, as Angkas has prepared entertainment including magic shows, movie screenings and an inflatable recreation area.

SariSuki, a social selling platform and partner of Alagang Angkas: Pamilya Weekend, joined the event by offering food items at discounted prices. Going beyond this, they also supported the spouses of motorcyclists in finding opportunities to earn additional income.

This collaboration represents an ongoing commitment throughout upcoming events, reflecting their ongoing efforts to strengthen and uplift the Angkas community.

George Royeca, CEO of Angkas, emphasized the importance of supporting riders: “Our ice cyclists are the backbone of our business. This family day reflects our commitment to providing them with the help and support they deserve, in recognition of their hard work and dedication. It is also an opportunity for us to listen and discover how we can serve them better.”

In line with its commitment to empowering riders, Angkas has partnered with Pag-IBIG to connect cyclists with on-site representatives for inquiries and registration.

This strategic partnership aims to improve the social safety net of cyclists and their families by offering accessible and sustainable home loan options as part of Angkas’ holistic approach to rider well-being.

Royeca stated: “The collaboration with Pag-IBIG strengthens the social safety net of our motorcyclists. We do this because we appreciate their daily efforts on the streets and their commitment to providing quality service to our customers.”

Angkas cyclist Joseph Santillan Jr., who has dedicated seven years to Angkas, expressed sincere gratitude for their unwavering commitment to their well-being.

He shared: “Angkas values ​​its riders by offering free haircuts and dental checkups. These are things that cyclists often neglect due to fatigue when returning home after a long day at work. That’s why such events are important, they give us the opportunity to appreciate our work. Thank you, Angkas, for your tireless support of us motorcyclists.

Roda, a motorcyclist from QC, expressed her appreciation for such programs: “Through initiatives like these, we really feel the real support from Angkas for us. Angkas prioritizes our health, even providing monthly hygiene kits for female cyclists like me.”

Danilo Gicana, a dedicated Angkas rider for four years, revealed how the platform has played a key role in meeting his family’s daily needs: “Angkas treats us like family. Thanks to Angkas, we can provide for our families every day and send our children to school. Thanks to them, we can fulfill these responsibilities.”

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Angkas remains committed to lifting cyclists and their families out of poverty through various programs and initiatives, striving to improve their overall quality of life.

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