Cyclone Midhili will hit the coast of Bangladesh today, Friday, November 17

Here we will share with you the news that Cyclone Midhili hit the coast of Bangladesh near Khepupara. The incident occurred on Friday evening or in the early morning hours of Saturday, and the news was released by the India Meteorological Department. This news becomes viral on the internet and attracts people’s attention. The heavy rains of Cyclone Midhi, which hit the coast of Bangladesh, became a serious topic. Yes, heavy rainfall in Bengal in northeastern states, IMD, is a matter of discussion. What happened? What is it about? We will try to describe all the details about the news. Let’s continue the article.

Cyclone Midhili will hit the coast of Bangladesh today

According to the report, the cyclonic storm is unlikely to cause major damage to the coastal states of India. However, previous predictions were for heavy rainfall in the coastal districts of Odisha, West Bengal and northeastern states. As we already reported, it happened on Friday. When a cyclonic storm hit the Bay of Bengal. The forecast agency sent a warning to fishermen not to go out to sea. We will also inform you about the details of the new products later in the article.

Cyclone Midhili will hit the coast of Bangladesh today

Take a look at the five updates:

  1. The shocking depression over the Bay of Bengal turned into a violent storm called ‘Midhili’ on Friday morning, the Meteorological Department said.

2. “The deep crisis over the northwest Bay of Bengal has intensified into cyclonic storm ‘Midhili’. It started centrally at 05:30 EST on November 17 over the northwest Bob, about 190 km east of Paradip and 220 km southeast of Khepupara, 200 km southeast of Digha, the IMD said in its bulletin .

3. The name “Midhili” was given to the Maldives. Cyclones will affect the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. The names were adopted by the World Meteorological Organization and member countries of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission.

4. The state of Odisha, coastal regions of West Bengal and northeastern states are expected to receive heavy rainfall on Friday. M

5. Despite Purba, extra vigilance has been raised in Digha, a seaside resort in West Bengal that is famous for tourists.

Here are five updates that came out. All of this information was important and should have been included in this article. If you also searched about it, here it is and you can get the information you want. According to sources, officers are doing everything in their power to deal with the matter. They are using all their resources to face this problem. We hope that everything will be fine soon. Stay tuned with us for more updates.


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