DND was ordered to refuse to transfer equipment “alien” to the existing weapons system

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel on Monday reminded the Department of National Defense (DND) not to accept equipment donated from other countries that is incompatible with the existing weapons system in the country’s military arsenal.

Pimentel said this after receiving a report that DND was not using certain equipment donated to them.

However, he did not go into details.

“So maybe if someone also donates alien weapons systems to us that we won’t use, instead of being criticized for accepting the donation, they’ll say we just put it to sleep, they’ll say we don’t use it, let’s not accept it,” Pimentel said during the Senate plenary. on DND’s proposed £233 billion budget.

(If someone donates a weapons system that is foreign to us and cannot be used, instead of being criticized for accepting donations and not using them, let’s just not accept it.)

“Someone has reached me – I don’t know if it’s a weapons system or a communications system – that has been donated, received, is sleeping, just sleeping there in DND,” he further added.

(Reports have come to my attention – I don’t know if it’s a weapons system or a communications system that we received and received as a gift, but it was only in the DND inventory.)

Pimentel said refusing to donate donated equipment is more responsible and dignified.

“I think this is a better, more responsible and more respectful action,” he said, noting that DND could tell donors that “we don’t need it, it doesn’t fit our system, maybe some other country would appreciate your donation more.”

“This means that the Philippines has also stopped accepting all donations,” he further added.

(This means that the Philippines is no longer just a recipient of donations.)

To this, Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said, “Well, DND acknowledges this observation.”


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