DOE is warning the public about fake department employees asking for money

Department of Energy (DOE) | FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Energy (DOE) has warned the public against people impersonating department employees and asking for money to process documents at the agency.

In its Monday advisory, the DOE said it had received various fraud-related complaints from people claiming to be DOE employees requesting payment for documents.

“The DOE Office of Petroleum Management has received various complaints regarding unscrupulous individuals posing as DOE employees, demanding payment for door-to-door delivery of business license documents and other services,” the DOE said.

The department said it only sends documents to the Philippine Postal Corporation or is available upon actual receipt by the business owner or his representatives.

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“For public information, the DOE shall only send the said documents through the Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC) or through actual collection by the business owner or his authorized representative and that no additional fees will be charged for documents transmitted through PPC,” it said.

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“Accordingly, DOE is not extending the validity of the LTO for more than five (5) years and is not offering services under this extension,” he added.

The Department of Energy also directed the public to report any incidents via telephone or email and said those claiming to be affiliated with the DOE would be prosecuted.

“We advise the public, especially participants in the LPG industry, to immediately report the matter or similar unscrupulous activities on the telephone numbers. (02) 88402130 or 88402184 or email,” the Department of Energy said.

“Any person claiming to be authorized or associated with the DOE or any of its officials will be dealt with in accordance with the law,” he added.

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