EA FC 24 FC Pro Live Hirving Lozano SBC: How to complete the game, expected costs and more

The FC Pro Live event kicked off on EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, with Mexican star Hirving Lozano arriving as an SBC player. This is an active element with a dynamic overall rating that may be improved in the future based on a specific esports athlete’s performance in FC Pro Open.

The FC Pro Live promotion is a completely new concept in EA FC 24, integrating the competitive side of professional esports with Ultimate Team. Special cards released within this lineup will receive attribute buffs based on the performances of their respective representatives, with Hirving Lozano being represented by ManuBachoore.

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Hirving Lozano Live on FC Pro is now available via SBC in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

FC Pro is the new, improved professional esports track in EA FC 24 where the best players from around the world compete against each other. With the FC Pro Open tournament starting soon, the FC Pro Live event has introduced special players such as Hirving Lozano who can receive bonuses based on the results of this highly anticipated tournament.

The Mexican striker is an ideal candidate for competitive promotion as he is famous for being overpowered on the virtual pitch and is a fan favorite due to the various special builds he has produced over the years.

How to unlock FC Pro Live Hirving Lozano in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

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The SBC to unlock this special card consists of two segments, each with conditions and rewards included in the package. Here are the specific requirements for each team:

Squad rated 83

  • OVR players aged 86 and over: At least one from the starting eleven
  • Overall team rating: Minimum 83

The best shape

  • Team of the Week Players: At least one from the starting eleven
  • Overall team rating: Minimum 84

The total expected cost of the SBC is around 120,000 coins, mainly due to the inflated price of Team of the Week items given the current state of the transfer market. However, players can reduce this cost by obtaining cards in the form of the Team of the Week 82+ upgrade.

Is it worth completing FC Pro Live Hirving Lozano in EA FC 24?

The PSV Eindhoven striker has the following statistics:

  • Pace: 95
  • Shooting: 82
  • Application: 80
  • Dribbling: 87
  • Defense: 49
  • Physical: 72

Not only did he receive a significant boost over his previous Team of the Week card, but he could likely be improved even further depending on ManuBachoore’s performance in the upcoming tournament.

ManuBachoore is one of the most consistent and talented players in the game, making the latest SBC even more attractive to players. It has a decent chance of getting some upgrades for this 87 rated item, making SBC a worthwhile proposition.

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