EA FC 24 FC Pro Open Diogo Jota Goal: How to get a card for free?

The FC Pro Open Diogo Jota Objective Set is now available in EA FC 24, allowing players to earn a promotional item for their respective Ultimate Teams. While there are a few special cards added to the packs, getting any of these options would require a lot of luck. However, this will not be the case with the special Diogo Jota card.

All you need to do is complete all the tasks included in your goal. This will help you unlock a special card and earn a handful of extra packs that can net you more valuable items. The first step is to develop a plan that will allow you to quickly complete all tasks.

Let’s take a look at all the tasks within Diogo Jota’s FC Pro Open objective in EA FC 24.

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All EA FC 24 FC Pro Open Diogo Jota goal tasks

There are four separate tasks in the latest set of goals. You can complete the FC Pro Open Diogo Jota Objectives tasks in any order, although some are faster.

  • Score 10: Score 10 goals in Team Battles per min. Difficulty level: semi-professional (or rivals/champions).
  • Goal Scorer: Score at least 2 goals in 3 separate Squad Battles matches on Min. Difficulty Semi-Pro (or Competitive/Champions).
  • Portuguese style: assist 5 goals in team battles per min. Semi-professional difficulty (or rivals/champions) with a Portuguese player.
  • Win 8: Win 8 Team Battles matches for at least Difficulty level: semi-professional (or rivals/champions) with min. Three Premier League players in your starting 11.

You can complete tasks in three different EA FC 24 modes, but the easiest option is Team Battles. Not only will you face AI-controlled opponents, but you can also adjust the difficulty of the matches. This makes the procedure easier, especially when refining complex provisions.

Is Diogo Jota’s EA FC 24 FC Pro Open goal worth achieving?

The free cost makes having the card a must-have for everyone, especially beginners. While there are some weaknesses to the 86-rated ST card, it definitely excels in some areas. There are few items with a weak 5* rate that can make a big difference in the current meta.

However, several playstyles would be better as Jota’s height could make it difficult to use some of his existing traits in competitive matches.

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