Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade is spending the holidays with her fiancé Evan McClintock

“I saw your dad come downstairs and [thought], ‘All right. I have to do it now or I won’t do it today. I’ll have to make another appointment,” he shared on Hailie Jade’s Just a little shady podcast. “So I just followed him downstairs and luckily he was there and grabbed you [birthday] cake.”

In April, Hailie Jade and Evan celebrated with family and friends at an engagement party in Detroit.

However, she’s not the only family member to experience a major relationship milestone this year. Eminem’s 30-year-old daughter Alain Scott—his niece, whom he adopted and whose biological mother is Kim’s deceased sister Scott’s Dawn– I tied the knot Matt Moeller in June in Detroit.

And it was no surprise that it was a family affair, as Hailie was her maid of honor and Eminem walked her down the aisle.

“He wasn’t going to miss it,” Alaina said People, adding. “These are once in a lifetime moments and I am so grateful that everyone loves me for who I am. None of this would have been possible without my dad. I am incredibly blessed.”

See photos from Hailie Jade and Evan’s trip to Cabo below:


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