Koln vs Leverkusen

In the ninth match week of the 21/22 Bundesliga season, FC Koln welcome Bayer Leverkusen. In the last five meetings between the two sides, Leverkusen edges out Koln by a slim margin. Leverkusen has won three of their last five meetings against Koln. Whereas Koln has won just twice in their previous five meetings against Bayer. The two wins Koln have come back in the 18/19 season.

Koln has started the season on their stronger foot, as they find themselves in European reckoning. They sit seventh after eight games and have earned twelve points so far. Although they are just six points off of the relegation playoff. They are just a point away from a European place. Koln has the fans and from what seems like, the squad to contend for a European spot, whether they can keep it up, is yet to be seen.

Koln vs Leverkusen
FC Koln players celebrating together.

Bayer Leverkusen had won five of their opening seven fixtures until their latest match. They took on Bayern at home and were hit for five. Bayer went down by five before the first half had ended. All the good form and credit they had earned until now suddenly went away after this match. Now it is to be seen if Leverkusen can recover from this and keep their early season form going.

You can watch the match at 13:30 GMT on 24th October on your chosen and preferred streaming platform and enjoy the match from anywhere on your streaming device.

How can I Live Stream Koln vs Leverkusen for free?

Reddit Soccer Streams allows the viewers to access the matches from any continent, any country, any city any corner of the world, as long as the viewer has a stable internet connection, they can view the matches on r/Soccer Streams. The links for the respective matches are available 30 minutes before kick-off.

Bet365 and Unibroke are two of the various live streaming sites that broadcast the Bundesliga matches. In the USA, BT Sport broadcast Bundesliga matches, same as in the UK. The viewers can tune into their respective streaming platforms or television channel to watch the matches. BT Sport also broadcasts matches in Ireland, and the Irish viewers can tune into BT Sport to enjoy the matches.

Koln vs Leverkusen
Bayer Leverkusen players celebrating together.

You can either live stream the fixtures from your preferred device or watch the broadcast live on your television in relation to your subscription. There are sites like sky sports that broadcast the matches as well, and sites that only avail live streaming as the only option.

Fans can view the highlights of their teams and other contesting teams but it is available in select countries, so for the viewers from other countries in which veddit.net isn’t available. They can tune into their respective tv channels on which the Bundesliga matches are being broadcasted, as they will be telecasting highlights of the games throughout the run-in of the Bundesliga season. Another place to check out the highlights for Bundesliga matches is YouTube.

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