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Every mention of the NBA indeed reminds us of all the most significant male basketball players and their performances. However, WNBA is just as thrilling to watch, but it still gets little to no acknowledgment. The remarkable performances of the female players also get little appreciation. But that does not change the fact that there are many outstanding female players in the league whose talent shines bright and can serve as inspiration for all the girls willing to take up basketball.

Candace Parker:

Candace Nicole Parker is a professional American basketball player for the Chicago Sky team of WNBA. She has been selected in six WNBA teams, out of which five were all-stars teams. Due to her outstanding performance, Candace received the 2002 and 2003 Gartorade National Girls Basketball Player of the Year awards. Parker was the only female player to have accepted the award twice. She has also won the 2016 WNBA Championship, WNBA’s most valuable player awards, and WNBA finals MVP Awards. She is among the first few players that received the Rookie as well.

5 Best Female WNBA Players of all Times

Maya Moore:

Maya April Moore is a professional player of the Minnesota Lynx. She was the WNBA’s inaugural Performer of the Year 2017. She was also named the most outstanding player in women’s basketball history by Sports Illustrated. Maya has played with Lynx and teams overseas in Europe and even China and performed remarkably for all teams. She has won four WNBA championships, two Olympic Gold Medals, a WNBA Most Valuable Players Award, and Women’s National Basketball Association Rookie of the Year Award. She has won both Spanish League and Euro League and is undoubtedly one of the best players in women’s basketball history.

5 Best Female WNBA Players of all Times

Carol Blazejowski:

Carol Ann Blazejowski is a retired basketball player. Blazejowski was a prominent player and former president of the New York Liberty. She was an alternate in the 1976 Olympics team. Carol is one of the oldest and the highest-ranked female basketball players. She was the lead scorer in the 1979 Basketball World Championship, and it was because of her exemplary performance, the US national team won the league. She was also the first Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

5 Best Female WNBA Players of all Times

Lisa Leslie:

The legendary Lisa Leslie is a former professional basketball player. She is a three-time WNBA MVP Award winner and a four-time Olympic Gold Medalist. In 2011, she was voted for the top 15 WNBA players of all times. Leslie has played 11 seasons for L.A Sparks. Even after her retirement, she holds several records in WNBA. She is a role model for players globally because of her impressive statistics. Leslie currently heads Triplets in the BIG3 League. She was also inducted into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in 2015.

5 Best Female WNBA Players of all Times

Lauren Jackson:

Lauren Jackson is an International Basketball player from Australia. Jackson led the AIS team that ultimately won the Women’s National Basketball League. She played for the Canberra Capitals and won four more WBNL championships. She also played for Seattle Storm in WNBA and won two WNBA championships as well. Jackson is ranked among the top 10 WNBA players of all times and is incorporated in the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame in the year 2020.


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