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When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world in March, all the sports were stopped to contain the virus. However, after a few months of doom and gloom, the sporting events came back which was quite a welcome distraction for many people. The one sport that provided much-needed entertainment to the people was NFL. In this season of NFL, we have seen some of the biggest moments in the NFL and also some of the funniest. Which is why we thought, we should come up with an article that tells you guys about some of the funniest moments of NFL 2020 – 2021 season.

Funniest NFL Moments of 2020-2021 Season

From punches been thrown at each other to player slipping before the touchdown, this NFL season has provided some of the moments that brought a smile to the face of people. So, let’s start looking at some of those moments.

In a match against Philadelphia Eagles, the New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones made an 80-yard run before tripping down just before the touchdown. It was quite funny because there wasn’t any player near him and he slipped without any tackle from the opposing players.

Another moment which brought a smile on the fan faces, when Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins shows off his dance moves after the touchdown. The Vikings star attempted the “Griddy” dance which went viral on the internet.

The next funniest moment is of Joe Burrow who had his “welcome of the NFL” moment. In a game against Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow wanted to call a timeout. But, when he signaled for the timeout, the center decided now is great to snap the ball. He eventually got to the ball but lost some of the ground made by his team.

If you know about any funniest moments in this season of NFL then let us know in the comments. We like to know which moments brought a smile to your face.

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