George Russell Net Worth

How Much are George Russell Net Worth and Annual Earnings 2021? George Russell is a young Formula One driver, how much is his annual income. Does he have any endorsement deals now? What are his total career earnings?

If you love watching Formula One, you might want to keep track of his new young lad, George Russell. Very few drivers manage to sustain in Formula One and George Russell seemly has what it takes to score big out there on the track. This British lad who is just 22 years old drives for the Williams-Mercedes F1 Team. He began his F1 career in 2019 with his first entry being the 2019 Australian Grand Prix.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of Birth: 15 February 1998
Annual Salary: $1.2 million
Profession: Racing Driver
Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Teams: Williams-Mercedes
Car number: 63
Nationality: British

Though George Russell is new in the business, he is backed up by some good sponsors. Just two seasons old in the game, George Russell has over three sponsors. Can you believe this? How much is his net worth in 2021?

Is George Russell a Millionaire? His Net Worth in 2021?

George Russell began his F1 career in 2019. Though he is a new name in the game, he has some pretty good backings. Born as George William Russell, this British lad is the 2018 FIA Formula 2 champion, 2017 GP3 Series champion. Just two seasons old in the business, George Russell is set to earn a million-dollar in 2021.


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In 2019, his salary was less than half of a million-dollar. So, you get the picture here? His annual income in 2021 is more than twice his income in 2019. Is it similar to his net worth? Well, George Russell has been a star during his amateur career and he might have earned a considerable sum of money. He would be worth in the neighborhood of a million dollars in 2021. But, the exact figure of his net worth in 2021 is not public.

How Much Money Does George Russell make a Year?

If you manage to perform well on track, you will be highly awarded by your team. In 2019, George Russell joined the Williams F1 team on a multi-year deal. In the 2019 F1 season, George failed to score a single point, finishing at the bottom. As a rookie, George did what he could, but likely that wasn’t enough. The detail of his annual income in 2019 is not published.

In 2020, his annual income is $1 million. And along with endorsement deals, his annual income in 2020 could be more than $1 million. Though George Russell finished at the bottom of the 2019 F1 standing without scoring a single point, he is not the lowest-paid F1 driver in 2020. There are six other F1 drivers who make less than George Russell in 2020. The lowest-paid F1 driver in 2020 is rookie Alexander Albon with $170 thousand.

How Much George Russell Earns From Endorsements?

You will be shocked to know George Russell has more sponsors than some old bones in the game. This British Formula One driver aged 21 just began his F1 career in 2019 and he has already attracted some good sponsors. He is backed by the likes of AMG, Mercedes, the BRDC, Alpinestars, Bell Helmets. Additionally, George Russell has other minor sponsors to his name.

George Russell net worth
George Russell net worth

With active sponsors in the count of plus five, George Russell could be making a lot of money from his endorsements. His 2021 annual salary from F1 is $1 million. His 2021 annual salary along with his endorsement deals would be clearly plus $1 million. For now, the exact figure of his annual income from his endorsement deals is not published.

A Look at Russell’s On-Track Achievements

This British F1 driver took his first competitive race at the 2014 BRDC Formula 4 Championship. As a Formula 4 driver, he faced challenges in the name of Raoul Hyman and Arjun Maini. In 2015, he finished sixth in the Formula 3 European Championship. In 2016, he improvised his position to No. 3. In 2017, Russell moved to GP3 Series Championship. In GP3 Series, Russell became a Force India and Mercedes test driver.

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