Governor Mutfwang creates counter-terrorism task force, promises peace and security

Governor Caleb Mutfwang reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to renewed peace and security on the plateau.

He made this clear in a statement issued by his spokesman Gyang Bere on Sunday.

The governor said the ongoing recruitment of citizens from 17 local authorities would provide early warning signals for conventional security services to take action.

“The continuous selection of competent and trustworthy youth from 17 local government areas for training is solely focused on providing early warning signals to enable immediate intervention by conventional security agencies,” the governor said.

Mutfwang added: “I want to state categorically that this administration is committed to strengthening the established state security unit known as Operation Rainbow.”

Reiterating his administration’s commitment to maintaining peace and security in the state, Mutfwang entrusted citizens with shared responsibility to ensure peace and harmony in the plateau.

He said: “Operation Rainbow” is being conducted in collaboration with federal security agencies and aims to strengthen protection of rural communities across Plateau State.

“The training initially focused on areas facing significant security challenges in the state, but will be expanded to other areas of local government without delay.”

The governor assured Plateau residents that his administration is “committed to upholding the constitutional principles of protecting the lives and property of citizens in the state, as well as my unwavering commitment to supporting a united and inclusive Plateau.”

He urged peace-loving citizens of the state to remain calm and support the government’s initiatives.

“While we encourage a harmonious work environment for people regardless of their ethnic or religious background, we want to emphasize the need for collective responsibility to promote legitimate business activity and the well-being of all,” the governor said.



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