Hank Azaria, Jason Biggs and Edie Falco join the production team of Off Broadway comedy ‘The White Chip’

Hank Azaria, who recently went public with his thanks to his friend, the late Matthew Perry, for helping him get sober in 2006, has joined the production team – along with Jason Biggs and Edie Falco – White Chip, upcoming Off Broadway “recovery comedy” directed by Sean Daniels.

Also announced today was Crystal Dickinson joining the cast (Clybourne Park) and Jason Tam (Chorus line), who join the previously announced Joe Tapper (You can’t take it with you).

“We are delighted to welcome new producers and cast members to our production of Sean’s vital, life-saving play,” said producer Annaleigh Ashford in a statement. “Hank, Jason and Edie, all extraordinary artists, have selflessly shared their stories of recovery with audiences, so having them join us in amplifying this art is truly an honor. We’re also thrilled that Crystal and Jason – both incredibly talented – will join Joe on stage. We feel very happy.”

Daniels’ autobiographical play directed by Sheryl Kaller (Next fall, mothers and sons), will begin performances at The Susan & Ronald Frankel Theater at The Robert W. Wilson MCC Theater Space on January 22, 2024, and premiere on February 1.

Official synopsis: “In White Chip, Steven (Tapper) is on top of the world and one step away from his dream job running one of the most exciting theaters in the country, but also an out-of-control alcoholic. The show follows his life from his first sip, through his first love, to rock bottom, where his crazy – funny and heartbreaking – journey towards recovery begins.

White Chip Producers are Annaleigh Ashford, John Larroquette, Ryan Hampton and the nonprofit The Recovery Project. Also announced today are new new producers John Beyer, Linda Karns, Nick Mills and Barbara Manocherian.


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