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Whether the golf ball deflects off the tree or hits another ball to go inside the hole, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the points. There are some insane moments in golf history when a shot deflects off the tree, rocks or another ball to straight into the hole. We have seen some of the insane shots in golf over the years so we thought why not share something which you haven’t seen before. To find out all the details about this shot, you need to read the article to end. Read on!

Insane Hole in One Golf Shot

This shot that we are sharing is something you don’t get to see quite often. In this shot, the golfer skips ball across the pond and then the ball goes straight into the hole to complete the hole in one. This is some insane stuff as to bounce the golf ball off water not one but three times is not normal. The golfer was also surprised to see his shot-making it across the pond. The shot was just like the stone we throw in the water which bounces off the water a few times before drowning in the water.

To complete the hole in one was also surprising because when the ball skips across the pond it reached the grassy surface and had a quite a lot of distance from the hole. However, once the ball lands on the grassy surface, it starts going towards the hole and going straight into the hole to make it one of the insane shots in golf history.

So, guys what you think about this shot? Do you like it or not? If you’ve liked it then feel free to let us know in the comments section given below. We will be glad to hear feedback from you guys.


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