Alex Albon Net Worth

Is F1 Driver Alex Albon A Millionaire? Alex Albon Net Worth in 2020? How much does Formula One driver Alex Albon earn in a year? How many cars does Alex Albon have? His net worth and property disclosure.

Alexander Albon Ansusinha predominantly known as Alex Albon is a fast-rising Formula One star. If you haven’t heard about this Thai-British F1 driver, you might want to check his stats. Don’t blame us if you want to get into his fan club, afterward. Born to a Thai mother and a British father in London, Alex races for the Red Bull F1 team in 2020.

He moved to the Red Bull F1 team from Toro Rosso Formula One team. And guess what, he is teamed up with one of the biggies of the game, Max Verstappen. Only a few young drivers get the chance to drive for a big team like Red Bull and Alex Albon is one. But, what about his earnings and net worth. How much does Alex Albon make a season with the Red Bull F1 team?

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of Birth: March 23, 1996
Profession: Racing Driver
Height: 1.86 m (6 ft 1 in)
Nationality: Thai

How Much Money Does Alex Albon Earn with the Red Bull F1 team?

Alexander Albon is one breakout star of the F1 grid. Thailand is not taken as a big nation in F1, but Albon could change this pretty soon. He could usher Thailand in the new era on F1. Seen as one of the finest upcoming Formula One drivers, Alex Albon has scored immensely both in terms of critical acclaim and fortune. He got his first F1 race in 2019 and already he is making thousands of dollars per season.

Alex Albon Net Worth
Alex Albon drives for Red Bull

It is a dream for any young Formula 1 driver to drive for big F1 teams like Red Bull. Aged 24, Alexander Albon is already living his dream. In 2020, his base salary is $650 thousand. His annual income in 2020 could get past a million-dollar mark adding championship bonus and podium earnings. Also, he has some good endorsement money to add up to his annual income.

Alex Albon Earns $650K in Base Salary, His Annual Income

If you have good input in the name of base salary, podium earning, championship earning, and endorsement, your output will be great. Base salary, podium earning, championship earning, and endorsement are the best ways for F1 drivers to earn their money. Well, if they wanna try their hand in business, it’s their call.

With a base salary of $650 thousand with the Red Bull F1 team in 2020, Alex Albon could earn in the neighborhood of $1 million. In 2020, Alexander earns $30,925 per race. His annual income has seen a good hike over the years. In his first year with the Toro Rosso F1 team, Alex Albon earned $250 thousand in base salary with $11,900 per race fee. In 2019, his base salary was $300 thousand and his per race fee was recorded at $14,285.

How Much is Alex Albon Net Worth in 2020?

Alex Albon began his Formula One career in 2019 with Toro Rosso. In August of 2019, he was signed by the Red Bull F1 team. Since joining, Red Bull in August of 2020, Alex Albon’s earnings have seen a great hike. The more he makes, the more he will be worth right? During his short-lived stint with the Toro Rosso F1 team, Alex earned $250 thousand. It rose to $300 thousand right after joining Red Bull in August of 2019.

Alex Albon net worth
Alex Albon net worth is $1 million

Obviously, his net worth has risen over the years. In his first season with the Red Bull F1 team, Alexander Albon had a net worth of $500 thousand. During his second season with the Red Bull F1 team, his net worth increases twofold. In 2020, Alexander Albon’s net worth is estimated at $1 million. So, yes, Alex Albon is a millionaire. Along with his earnings from Red Bull, Alex earns good money through his sponsorship deals.

Alex Albon Sponsorship Earnings

If you have been following the 2020 Formula One season, you would know Alex Albon is one of the breakouts of the season. As he continues to outshine other professional F1 racers on the field, he will do the same off-filed. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, this Thai-British F1 racer is looking to win some lucrative sponsorship deals.

Along with his base salary, his income from endorsements is also increasing over the year. In 2019, Alex Albon earned $170 thousand from sponsorship deals. In 2020, he makes $200 thousand from his endorsement deals. He is backed by companies like MDM Design and Moose Cider.

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