Joe Jonas is keeping his daughters close to his heart with a new tattoo

If you are a cool tattoo lover, you must see this Joe Jonas‘new ink.

In fact, The Jonas Brothers the band member showed off the design he received as a sweet greeting to his two daughters with his ex Sophia Turner during a recent concert.

As seen in A video shared on TikTok November 15, Joe’s body tattoos, visible on his chest, consist of two dates. The first is “07/05/22”, the birthday of the 16-month-old daughter of the former couple, whose initials are DMJand the second one is “22/07/20”, which is the birthday of their 3-year-old daughter Villa.

The tribute did not go unnoticed by fans.

“Is that new ink on his chest?” – wrote one commentator on social media. – Looks like his daughters’ birth dates. He added: “His daughters’ birthdays on his chest! That’s so sweet!”

Of course, this isn’t Joe’s only tattoo. In fact, the “Cake by the Ocean” artist has gained several icons over the years, including a tribute to Sophie. For example, in 2018, they received matching “to infinity and beyond” tattoos.


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