Justin Timberlake’s *NSYNC reunion doubled as date night with Jessica Biel

2. But wait, Lance wasn’t the first fifth member of ‘N Sync!

He originally played this role Jason Galasso, who knew Fatone from choir back in high school and was dabbling in the art of singing when, out of nowhere, he received a page (1990s, FTW) from an old friend of his. Coincidentally, he also knew Chasez because as Galasso explained on Digital decline podcast in 2019, which he “kind of hung out with.” Mickey Mouse Club“stars like it Chase Hampton AND Keri Russell.

After they got “perfect” into the version Boyz II Men“End of the Road,” that was it, was in an as-yet-unnamed group. “I remember thinking, ‘Damn, Justin is young!'” he recalled. “But then I heard him singing, I thought, ‘Oh, it doesn’t matter how old he is, he can sing like hell.’

But at the same time, the bass player was also in a three-piece band called Unreal, so I’m still trying to decide, you know, what I want to do, what direction I want to go, in terms of which group I want to go with,” Galasso, who in the mortgage industry these days, we remind you. “Because I remember when Lou Pearlman first brought the music, he was thinking about the type of music we were going to make, and I came from an R&B and hip-hop background. This is my love, my heart and my soul.”

So when Pearlman came to us with “this European-style techno thing, I was like, ‘Hmm, OK.'” So he went ahead and went with the other Unreal guys to Atlanta to record a demo, which he thought turned out Great.

Meanwhile, ‘N ​​Sync was starting to establish its look and they were talking about putting together a presentation for Disney’s Pleasure Island. They even went on a field trip Shaquille O’Nealhome to check out his home studio in Orlando, but they haven’t recorded any music yet. More importantly for Galasso, they haven’t signed any contracts yet.

Soon both groups were trying to get him to sign the contract. Galasso said he gave the dueling contracts to a lawyer, and while the trio’s contract was a fairly standard affair, Pearlman himself wrote himself into the ‘N Sync contract as the sixth member, and that contract was “as thick as a phone book.” He had the impression that the other members of ‘N Sync were more gung-ho about the contract than he was – which was true because they all proceeded to sign it whether they really understood what it meant or not.

So Galasso ended up joining a group that wasn’t ‘N Sync.


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