Kevin Durant net worth

Kevin Durant’s full name is Kevin Wayne Durant. Although, commonly, he is known among his fans by KD, i.e., his initials. Durant is a 32-year-old professional American basketball player. Kevin Durant’s net worth in 2021 is $170 million.

He has been playing in the National Basketball Association (NBA) for many years. However, he currently plays for the team of Brooklyn Nets. He played basketball in his college years as well.

When he was in his college at The University of Texas, he played one season of basketball. When NBA was drafting players in 2007, Durant got selected by the Seattle Supersonics. His selection was as the second overall pick by the team of Seattle Supersonics.

Net Worth: $170 Million
Date of Birth: September 29, 1988
Profession: Basketball Player
Height: 2.08 m (6 ft 10 in)
Nationality: American

Kevin Durant net worth

What is Kevin Durant’s net worth in 2021?

In 2021, Kevin Duran’s net worth has been estimated to be about $170 million. According to Forbes magazine, in 2020, this phenomenal player earned about $63.9 million. Another Forbes magazine source confirmed that the money he earns from his game winnings and his salary is around approximately $30 million. Other than that, the earnings he gets from endorsement deals are close to an additional $35 million.

Kevin Durant has several high-paying endorsement deals with various big brand names. Through these endorsements, Durant manages to make much of his fortune. Some major endorsement deals of his are with Google, Alaska air group, and Nike.

Achievements in Basketball

Kevin Durant has been a part of the National Basketball Association for about ten years now. In the year 2016, Durant was the winner of two consecutive championships in the NBA. At that time, he was playing for the team of Golden State Warriors.

Durant has been a two-times champion of the NBA in the consecutive years of 2017 and 2018. In 2008, he had won the rookie of the year award in the NBA. Moreover, he has remained a scoring champion in the NBA about four times.

Kevin Durant is an exceptional basketball player. He even has won the gold medal in Olympics about two times; in 2012 and 2016. Other than that, he had previously also won the gold medal in the FIBA world cup in 2010. Furthermore, in the same year, he has also declared the most valuable player in the FIBA world cup.

Early life and Family

Kevin Durant was born in 1988 on the 29th of September in Washington, D.C. Durant had been raised by his mother and grandmother alone because his father had left him after he divorced Kevin’s mother. Durant has a lifetime movie called “The Real MVP: The Wanda Pratt Story.” In that movie, he has described his entire relationship with his mother. He has also elaborated on how close he is to his mother.

When Kevin Durant was 13 years old, his father had come back to be there for him. It was his father who would often take him to basketball tournaments around the state. Moreover, Durant has siblings too. He has two brothers named Rayvonne and Tony. He also has a sister who is named Brianna.


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