Latest updates on Jockey Graham Lee’s health after a terrible fall

Following a serious fall on November 17, 2023, Graham Lee’s family has released encouraging news regarding the famous jockey’s condition. Lee, an extremely talented individual in the horse racing industry, is showing signs of recovery, which instills comfort among his supporters and other enthusiasts. This article details Graham Lee’s current health status, the circumstances of his fall, and the overwhelming support from the racing community.

Overview of the most important events

  • Graham Lee’s remarkable recovery
  • The racing community unites
  • Fall and surgical intervention
  • Family gratitude and plans for the future

Graham Lee’s health update

The latest statement released by Graham Lee’s family shows that the jockey has been in good health over the past twenty-four hours.

At this time, he can sometimes communicate with his family when his ventilator is turned off. The family expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support they have received from fellow jockeys, fans and the entire horse racing community.

Arrangements are underway to repatriate Lee to a more convenient location, subject to the availability of a bed in the Intensive Care Unit at James Cook Hospital, Middlesbrough.

Jockey Graham Lee’s biological data and latest updates summarized in a table

Graham Lee
Date of birth: December 16, 1975
Age: 47 (as of 2023)
Place of birth: Galway, Ireland
Residence: Bedale in North Yorkshire
Spouse: Becky
Kids: Amy (18 years old), Robbie (15 years old)
Date of injury: November 10, 2023
Injury details: Unstable cervical fracture, spinal cord injury, blood vessel damage
Hospital: Royal Victoria Hospital, Newcastle
Notable victories: Grand National (2004), Ascot Gold Cup (2015), Nunthorpe Stakes (2018)
Discipline: Jumps (until 2012), Flat (since 2012)
Total career wins: Over 1000 (jumps)

Terrible fall

Graham Lee’s road to recovery began after a disturbing incident at Newcastle Racecourse on November 10: he was thrown from Ben Moacdui’s horse.

The Injured Jockeys Fund said the incident resulted in an unstable cervical fracture, which resulted in compromised blood vessels and the integrity of the mid-cervical spinal cord.

Lee was immediately transported to the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital in Newcastle, where his injuries were treated surgically.

Support from the racing community

Graham Lee’s injuries have sparked widespread expressions of sympathy and solidarity across the racing community. Prominent figures including jockey AP McCoy and Derek Thompson, the BBC racing presenter, sent their best wishes via social media.

Thompson praised Lee as an exceptional rider and his likeable presence on the racetrack, while McCoy emphasized the unity of the racing community by contributing to Lee’s recovery through the Injured Jockeys Fund.

Family and personal information

Becky and Graham Lee are the parents of two children, Robbie and Amy. Amy is 18 and set up a JustGiving page to support the charity after the accident that killed her father.

This person expressed gratitude for the great help and emphasized the positive impact it would have on her father’s recovery. The Lee family residence is in Bedale, North Yorkshire.

Moving closer to home

Recent reports indicate that Graham Lee’s successful development has prompted doctors to consider moving him closer to home.

After undergoing a tracheostomy to facilitate communication and surgery to stabilize his cervical spine fractures, Lee is making progress on the road to recovery.

In its latest statement, the Injured Jockeys Fund expresses its appreciation for the assistance received and preparations for Lee’s transfer to the James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough.


The racing community is coming together to support Graham Lee during his recovery and the latest developments bring a sense of relief.

The determined jockey’s positive progress and intention to move closer to home is indicative of his perseverance, as well as the unwavering support he receives from fans and peers alike. Graham Lee is expected to receive further support in the coming days as he continues his road to recovery.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What caused Graham Lee to fall at Newcastle Racecourse?

The dismount of Ben Moacdua hastened Graham Lee’s fall at Newcastle Racecourse. As a result of the incident on November 10, 2023, serious injuries to the cervical spine and spine occurred.

After undergoing surgery to treat his injuries, Lee was taken to the Royal Victoria Infirmary Hospital in Newcastle.

  1. What is Graham Lee’s recovery status?

As of the latest update on November 17, 2023, Graham Lee’s family has documented favorable progress in his recovery.

Now, after reducing ventilator settings, the jockey can occasionally give messages to his family. Although a bed is becoming available in the intensive care unit of James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough, preparations are underway to move it closer to home.

  1. What support is Graham Lee receiving from the racing community during his recovery?

The support for Graham Lee and his family has been overwhelming from the racing community. Prominent figures from the horse racing industry, including jockey AP McCoy and BBC racing presenter Derek Thompson, joined in the wishes.

Additionally, significant donations were received through a JustGiving page identified by Amy Lee, Lee’s daughter, to raise funds for this cause. This shows the collective empathy and solidarity of the racing community.


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