Liberia’s George Weah is one step away from losing his re-election race

Liberia’s President George Weah is losing his bid to return to office after National Electoral Commission officials released almost all of the results from this week’s runoff elections.

This came after opposition candidate Joseph Boakai maintained a narrow lead in Liberia’s presidential election, according to official results announced by more than 99% of polling stations.

Boakai (78) has 50.89% of the votes, while Weah, who is running for a second term, has 49.11%.

This percentage represents a lead of more than 28,000 votes when almost all ballots are included.

However, on Friday, election officials said there would be a rerun in one of the districts before the actual winner was determined.

They announced that voting would be repeated on Saturday in Nimba County, where the number of votes cast at one polling station exceeded the number of registered voters.

The announcement sparked widespread celebrations in the capital, Monrovia, as Boakai’s supporters continue to flock to his party headquarters in the belief that he has won the election.

Neither of the two candidates running in the elections issued an official statement.


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