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Cricket & Sixes

The most exciting part of cricket is when a batsman hits a massive six. Hitting a six is like hitting a home run, you get 6 runs off one delivery alone.

Cricket is one of the most followed sports in the world. Especially in the Indosubcontinent where more than 1 billion people watch and follow this sport.

Here’s a list of the top 10 longest sixes in Cricket history!

Cricket’s Longest Sixes 

MS Dhoni (INDIA) – 122 Meters 

Dhoni smashed a massive 112 meter six on the onside as India was chasing a close score to win the match.

Abdul Razzak (BANGLADESH) – 115 Meters

The Bangladeshi cricketer hit an enormous shot off the leg side, hitting the ball 115 meters away.

Dan Christian (HOBART HURRICANES) – 117 Meters 

The Australian hitter stuck true to the name of the league franchise; Big Bash League. Dan managed to hit an amazing 117-meter shot, one that amazed himself.

Corey Anderson (NEW ZEALAND) – 120 Meters 

Anderson struck a 120-meters shot that hit the all the way in the stands.

Chris Gayle (WEST INDIES) – 132 Meters 

The longest sixes in Cricket list would have been incomplete without the name of Chris Gayle. The West Indian star smashed one off the square leg, and he made it look so easy!

Shahid Afridi (PAKISTAN) – 115 Meters 

Afridi is well-known for one thing; his aggressive batting style. The Pakistani hitter banged one out in the stands helping his team continue their chase against rivals, Australia.

MS Dhoni (INDIA) – 132 Meters

Another addition in the longest sixes in cricket by MS Dhoni.

Mark Waugh – 118 Meters 

First six in the list that was hit in a test match. Mark Waugh definitely knows how to smash one down the pitch.

Bret Lee (AUSTRALIA) – 143 Meters

Arguably the longest six ever hit in a test match. Bret Lee can bat and hit when he needs to by the looks of it.

Shahid Afridi (PAKISTAN) – 158 Meters 

Who else would you expect to hit the longest recorded six apart from Shahid Afridi? This one was just unbelievable! Check it out for yourself.

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