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There are numerous moments in golf history when a player determination to win seemed to make impossible possible. But, there are many moments in golf history in which a stroke of golfer luck has played a more important role than his/her efforts. So, here are some of the luckiest shots in golf history when luck was in the driving seat despite golfer best efforts.

Luckiest Shots in Golf History

The first clip is of a golfer managing to complete a hole in just one shot but with the help of a tree. Yes, a tree. The golfer takes his shot which goes on to hit the tree. After hitting the tree, the ball got deflected and then it went straight into the hole. This was simply the luckiest golf shot you could have ever seen.

The next shot is one of the jaw-dropping moments in the golf history and we are sure that you haven’t seen anything like this before. In the video, you will see a golfer hitting the golf ball so well that it reaches near the hole. However, what happened next isn’t something you have seen before in golf. As the ball reaches near the ball, it hit another ball that is near to the hole and then it deflects off the other ball to go straight into the hole.

In another luckiest golf shot, a golfer taking a shot and hitting it well but it was going straight into the water on the golf course. However, the golf ball bounced off the water and lands on the grassy surface of the golf course. The golfer luck was in the driver’s seat as it happens once in a million time.

These are some of the luckiest shots in golf history. If you know about any other golf videos then do share a link with us and also if you’ve liked this video then let us know in the comments.

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