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Floyd Mayweather stellar career is notable due to his impressive record of 50 wins and 0 losses in the professional boxing matches. His record made him one of the most well-known sports personality across the world. Mayweather has fought some of the big names in the sports of boxing like Manny Pacquiao, Victor Ortiz, Canelo Alvarez etc. His last fight was against Conor McGregor that he won which earned him over $300 million. Here’s how Mayweather schools Canelo.

Mayweather Schools Canelo

In his third return to light-middleweight category, Mayweather fought against Canelo Alvarez who was considered as one of the Mayweather toughest competitors at that time. However, Floyd Mayweather completely destroyed him in the championship bout in 2013. Before, the fight everyone was expecting Alvarez to win because he was younger and sharper to Mayweather. But, what happened in the fight was completely unexpected. Mayweather defeated Canelo by majority twelve round decision. He outclassed Canelo in the fight and many observers at ringside thought that he has won all 12 rounds. But, Judge C. J. Ross scored the fight 114–114, a draw. However, two other judges scored the fight in the favour of Mayweather.

It was so impressive from Mayweather that Canelo didn’t get any real chance to attack Mayweather. He was throwing punches after punches that were landing on point. Canelo was trying to defend with best of his abilities but he didn’t have the answer to any of the punches been thrown by Mayweather. It is safe to say that Mayweather Schooled Canelo in the fight. If you want to see the complete dominance of Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a fight then you should see all the highlights of the fight in the video.

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