Mesut Ozil Net Worth

Mesut Özil is a 32-year-old professional German footballer. He is often known by the nickname “The Assist King” by his fans. He plays for the Süper Lig club Fenerbahçe as the attacking midfielder. Mesut Ozil net worth in 2021 is $120 million.

Every great athlete has a specific technique or style he is known for. For Mesut, those skills are his creativity, agility, his technical skills, his intelligence, and finesse.

Ozil is widely known for playing as a wide midfielder for most of his career. Moreover, he also has the potential of being a striker. He is an exceptional player who plays excellently at the international level as well as in the club.

Net Worth: $120 Million
Date of Birth: October 15, 198
Profession: Footballer
Height: 1.83 m (5 ft 9 in)
Nationality: German

Mesut Ozil Net Worth in 2021

What is Mesut Ozil’s net worth in 2021?

Mesut Ozil’s net worth in 2021 has been estimated to be about $120 million. He earns much of his fortune through his salary and game winnings or earnings.

However, a significant amount of his wealth is earned through endorsement contracts and sponsorships as well. He had a quite large endorsement deal with Adidas in the year 2013.

Additionally, he had earned 42.5 million pounds in 2013 on joining Arsenal. Subsequently, this contract with Arsenal was signed to be extended in 2017.

This extension increased his annual salary from $12 million to $24 million annually. He has also been a part of the list of the world’s highest-paid soccer players.

Early Life and Career

Mesut Ozil is from Gelsenkirchen. He is part Turkish and part German. Moreover, Ozil likes to recite the Holy Quran before each of his games as he is a Muslim.

He is a moderately religious person and even performed the holy pilgrimage of Umrah in 2016. Moreover, Mesut Ozil was given the Bambi award in 2010.

Ozil’s senior club career had started when he began playing for Schalke 04 hometown club. Then he signed a contract with Werder Bremen in the year 2008.

Consequently, he moved to Real Madrid in the year 2010. The club won the title of La Liga with his help after he had joined Real Madrid. He was ranked first for three consecutive seasons in the league assists.

Ozil is often seen to be involved in a great deal of philanthropy and activism of various sorts. He is such a fantastic player that he has helped the national team of Germany reaches the semi-finals about two times. Moreover, he even helped Germany win the FIFA world cup in 2014.

What does Mesut Ozil own?

Mesut Ozil is a great athlete who has a net worth of about $120 million. With this much net worth, it Is obvious that he must own a lot of cars and properties. Here is the list of what he owns.

  • A house in North London worth 10-million pounds. The house has three stories and contains about 6 bedrooms. Moreover, the house has a home theatre as well where he plays the FIFA video game and Fortnight. He additionally keeps on further renovating that house.
  • G63 AMG car, which is worth 140,000 pounds.
  • S65 AMG car, which is worth 180,000 pounds.
  • Ferrari 458 Italia, which is worth 200,000 pounds.
  • SLS AMG, which is worth 165,000 pounds.
  • Porsche Panamera Turbo, which is worth 120,000 pounds.
  • A few Audi vehicles.

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