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Watching the sports live in the stadium is always a thrill, as fans get to see their favorite players from the stands. But, sometimes, the spotlight shifts to the fans in the stand due to different events which take place in the stands. It is a shame that fans aren’t able to watch the games live from the stadium due to coronavirus pandemic. This ongoing pandemic put a stop to all the sporting events in March and then you all know what happened last year. However, we are getting our lives back, as in some countries fans are able to watch the games live from the stadium. So, we hope we get to see some of the best moments from the stands.

MLB Ballpark Moment

This video is also one of the greatest stadium moment when a kid gave a ball to another kid in the stand. This moment in the ballpark took place in the MLB game between Arizona Diamondbacks and San Francisco Giants. A kid was not having a good time in the ballpark as he was missing the ball. Also, the kids in front of him got the ball from one of the players. So, he was not having a good time. However, a kid came to him and gave him a souvenir ball to the kid. This moment was appreciated by everyone in the stand, as it is quite tough for any fan to give a souvenir to another person. Not only fans in the stand appreciated it but the commentators of the match also appreciated this gesture.

So, guys what you think about this great moment. If you have any great moment like this to share then let us know in the comments section. Also, let us know in the comments if you’ve liked this video or not.


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