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Insane, it is a word that means more than just a game. It is mostly associated with a play or a moment that go down in the history. Most of the times this word is associated with the NFL, as there is always a chance to see something spectacular and unlikely in National Football League.

Most Insane Athletic Plays in NFL History

Every once in a while, the fans get to see some of the most spectacular plays in the NFL. This is why fans love this sport as it keeps them on the edge of their seat. Throughout NFL history, there are some insane plays that left an incredible mark in the NFL history books. Which is why we thought we should rank some of the best plays in NFL history. It was quite tough to narrow it down to a list of top 100, as there are quite a lot of memorable moments in NFL history. With that being said, here are some of the most insane athletic plays in NFL history.

McCaffrey 40 Yards Run

This was one of the most athletic plays in the NFL history as Carolina Panthers star breaks away from everyone to score a 40-yard touchdown. The opposing players tried to stop him in every way possible but he slipped passed every tackle to score a memorable touchdown.

Gabe Wilkins Interception

This wasn’t any random interception, it was one of the most athletic plays seen in the history of NFL. In a game against Tampa Bay, the Green Bay Packers star made a 77-yard interception and then scored a touchdown by jumping over the opposing quarterback Trent Dilfer. This play was huge as it gave Packers the momentum which they needed to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

These are some of the amazing plays in NFL history. For more plays, you need to watch the whole video.

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