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When we look back over Major League Baseball history, we don’t remember the matches or seasons. But, what we remember are the individual moments. These moments energize us and excite us and in reality, these are the moments that push us to love this game. However, there are some moments that happen one in a billion time. So, we thought why not share something that doesn’t happen in MLB quite often. Here are some of the most surprising moments in MLB history.

Most Surprising Moments in MLB History

In a game between Oakland A’s and Pittsburgh Pirates, we saw something that we had not seen in the MLB before. The Oakland A’s batter hit the ball which went straight to the underneath of the wall. There was a slight gap in the wall and the ball went straight into it.

Next up, is the Stephen Piscotty moment when he was hit by the baseball in one trip around the bases. First, he was hit by the pitcher when he was batting. After that, when he advanced to the next base he was hit by the Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras. He was hit again on the helmet when tried to score from an infield.

The next moment is simply amazing when a fan tried to catch a ball and in trying to do so he drops a plate of fries and a hot dog. You all will be thinking what’s great about this moment. Just wait! After a few minutes, the ball came again to the same place and the same guy tried to catch the ball. In the process, he drops another plate of fries again. This was quite funny to see.

So, these are some of the moments that make it to this list. If you have any other video which you like to share with us then hit us up in the comment section.

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