Nazir Razak’s Divorce Reason: Marital Life and Relationship with Yati Zainuddin

After the announcement of executive director Nazir Razak’s second marriage, people started talking about the reason for Nazir Razak’s divorce.

The former chairman of Malaysian Universal Bank CIMB Group is the bank’s director Nazir Razak.

Razak was born in Kuala Lumpur in November 1966. He is the son of Abdul Razak Hussein, the second Prime Minister of Malaysia.

In terms of education, Nazir Razak graduated from the University of Bristol with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics.

He holds a Master of Philosophy in Development Economics from the University of Cambridge at Pembroke College. Additionally, Nazir led the CIMB group as CEO from 1999 to 2014.

He is a committed advocate for many humanitarian causes and promotes entrepreneurship and education, using his power to bring about meaningful change.

Its lasting impact extends beyond the financial industry; he leaves behind a legacy of integrity, vision and unwavering commitment to building a better future for communities around the world.

Nazir Razak continues to be considered an inspirational person for his extraordinary achievements and constant commitment to the betterment of society.

Due to the rumors about Nazir Razak and Yati’s upcoming wedding, many people want to know more about his divorce from his previous wife.

Let’s talk about Nazir Razak’s divorce reason, his married life and relationship with Yati Zainuddin.

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Nazir Razak Reason for divorce from first wife Azlina

Azlina Aziz and Nazir Razak were already married. Arman and Marissa, their two children, were part of their life together.

Their relationship changed and they decided to separate. In 2023, they decided to separate and the divorce was finalized.

They didn’t talk about their divorce publicly much. They both tried to hide their private life from prying eyes and people are wondering about the reason for Nazir Razak’s divorce.

Even though they came from influential backgrounds, they preferred to deal with this difficult time privately.

Even after their breakup, Azlina and Nazir remained committed to their children. Despite their parents’ separation, they wanted to make sure that Arman and Marissa felt loved and supported.

Nazir Razak The reason for the divorce has not been made public yet. (Source: Instagram)

Divorce can be difficult for anyone, especially if many people know it. However, Nazir and Azlina did not let this stop them from doing good deeds.

They showed that one’s own problems do not necessarily prevent a person from helping those in need by continuing to support various causes and organizations.

People’s respect for them remained unchanged despite their divorce narrative.

Even though they moved on on their own, they remained significant figures, recognized for their commitment to making a positive impact on Malaysia.

Marital life and relationship with Yati Zainuddin

As this is Nazir Razzak’s second marriage, their interest in the life and age of his spouse, Yati Zainuddin, has increased.

Yati Zainuddin is an entrepreneur who founded Bluemolly, a cosmetics brand. However, she hasn’t revealed much about her age and life.

We can only assume that Yati, who may be in her 40s, has withheld a lot of information about her personal life.

She co-founded the company with her friend Sherry Kamaruddin and sister Shireen Yati Zainuddin. The source claims that Shireen and Yati’s father is Malay and their mother is Chinese.

Nazir Razak with his second wife Yati. (Source: Instagram)

Yati grew up in a strict and orderly home. WITHAinuddin has a close bond with his sister and her relatives. Yati appears to have started the company with her sister in 2020.

Yati is also the co-founder of BlueMolley, which uses only the best, natural ingredients to create delicate, effective cosmetics for all age groups.

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