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NBAbite is an online streaming website that streams the National Basketball Association for free. NBAbite has proved to be a good substitution to the NBA Streams subreddit which was blocked permanently in 2019 due to copyright issues. Since then, NBAbite has been home to many basketballs and NBA fans. The site has observed an immense increase in its viewership over the last few years. You can watch the live stream of your favorite team here. 

The NBA has been the no.1 basketball league since its foundation of this league back on June 6, 1946. The following of the NBA is found all over the world. Even the youth of the developing countries diligently follow and cover the league. In these countries, very few TV broadcasters have the right to telecast the NBA. So, the NBA followers in these regions have to move to some online stream sources to watch the games live.  But the thing is that the people in these regions cannot afford the heavy passes. So, to assist the juveniles here and worldwide, NBAbite has proved to be gold which streams the NBA free. 

One thing that distinguishes the nbabite from other online streaming sites is that the site is totally malware-free. And it also saves you from the hectic popping of the ads that appear in between the live stream of the games on other sites. You can watch your favorite team’s live stream here. It not only covers the regular NBA season but also the playoffs and the Finals here. You can watch the live game on nbabite anywhere in the world.

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How to install nbabite on firestick?

Gone are the days when you would require a cable or Satellite Tv to watch the telecast of any game on your television headset. In the modern world, these cable networks have been replaced by a small TV plug-in-stick. A similar Tv plug-in device has been introduced by Amazon that goes with the name Firestick. Amazon firestick enables you to stream TV shows and channels. You can also stream live matches on the internet by using firestick. It is remotely powered and some of them also have voice capabilities, thus making it very simple to use.

There are numerous applications that stream the NBA on firestick but most of them are paid ones. One of the free sites that streams all the matches of the NBA including pre-season, regular season, and the playoffs, is nbabite. The site is absolutely free to use. Here we will mention the steps that you can follow to install nbabite on your firestick.


Step 1: Plugin your firestick device on your TV first.

Step 2: Using your device remote, turn on the firestick

Step 3: Open Firestick home and go to the settings.

Step 4: In the settings, Now go to “My Fire TV”. 

Step 5: Click the “developer option” in the “My fire TV”.

Step 5: Turn On “ ADB Debugging” and “apps from unknown resources” in the developer option.

Step 6: Now go back to the “Firestick Home” and click on the “ Search Icon”.

Step 7: type “ Amazon Silk web Browser” here.

Step 8: click the Amazon Silk Web Browser here and install the browser in your Firestick.

Step 9: Then go back to your home and launch the Amazon Silk Browser.

Step 10: Now launch the VPN you have on your Firestick device. If you don’t have one, you can download it from the “Downloader” application in your Firestick.

Step 11: Now connect to any server, preferably “USA server”.

Step 12: again open the “ Silk Browser” and type the URL as on the search box.

And that’s it. Now you can enjoy the unlimited stream of NBA on your Firestick using the free nbabite website.

To permanently install the nbabite application, you can follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Open the “Downloader” application on your Firestick.

Step 2: In the URL box, type nbabite application URL.

Step 3: click on the nbabite application that has popped up on your screen.

Step 4: wait for few minutes until it gets downloaded.

Step 5: The application will ask permission to install. Allow it.

Now the nbabite application has installed on your firestick. Now you can stream your favorite team match live on Firestick as well.

How to watch nbabite?

If you are an NBA fan but can’t afford to buy the heavy passes that stream live matches, then you don’t have to worry. As Nbabite allows you to watch the National Basketball Association on your mobile phone and pc for free. Here we will guide you on how to watch NBA on your pc and mobile phone using nbabite.

Nbabite on PC.

To watch nbabite on your PC, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Open your browser on your PC e.g Google chrome.

Step 2: Type in the search box. Click on the size option. 

Step 3: now the nbabite site will be opened. Here you will see the list of all the live matches.

Step 4: Click on the match you want to see.

Step 6: Now scroll down and click the first one on the streaming list.

Step 7: just click the play button and enjoy the live stream without any interruption.

Nbabite on a mobile phone.

To watch nbabite on your phone, all the steps are the same as mentioned for the PC. except there are few additional steps that you have to follow.

Step 1:  First of all, you have to download the app called “AdGuard” to block the ads on the site.

Step 2: Open the application and enable the protection.

Step 3: Then go to your browser and open it.

Step 4: Type in the search box.

The rest of the procedure is the same as is for the PC. 

How to cast nbabite on your TV?

Now you can cast nbabite on your TV using various mirror applications, available on Google play store as well as Apple store.  We will guide you here step by step that will enable you to cast the nbabite from your mobile phone to the smart TV.

Step 1: Go to the google play store on your android phone.

Step 2: Type “screen mirror application” in the search box.

Step 3: Click on the “Screen Mirroring-Miracast for android to TV” application there.

Step 4: Install the application on your phone.

Step 5: Now Open the application and allow the permission.

Step 6: Click on the Select TV option there.

Step 7: Connect your mobile phone with your smart TV.

Step 8: Now go to your browser and type nbabite in the search box.

Step 9: Click on the match you want to watch there.

Step 10: Select the first option in the streaming list.

Step 11; now tap the play button. Streaming of the match will start.

Step 12: Click on the mirror option on your mobile phone screen. This will cast the stream on your Smart TV.

Why is nbabite not working?

Sometimes, the nbabite server may go down in your region due to the heavy load. There may be Geo-blocking restrictions in few areas of the world. And this can lead you to miss the game of your favorite team, leaving you upset there. But now you don’t have to worry as we have the solution for this problem. 

If you live in those areas of the world, where when you type the nbabite URL, you are shown a message on the screen “Site can’t reach”. You don’t have to panic. Before typing the nbabite URL on your web browser, download any VPN on your mobile phone or PC. Install the VPN and tap on the “turn on” option. Now go to your browser again and type the URL. You will reach your destination. 

links to some of the most verified VPN services you can use are given below.

How to get nbabite on firestick

How to get nbabite on firestick?

Amazon firestick has terminated the needs of the Cable and Satellite Tv to premier the live games on the television sets. You can watch any game that is being played in the world for an ongoing moment by using your Firestick. NBA is regarded as the world’s best league in the world. The NBA is being followed around the globe and with the invention of Firestick, it has become a piece of cake to watch the National Basketball Association matches on your television. You can watch the NBA on the NBA TV app on Firestick. But you have to but a pass for this. To watch it for free, you can use nbabite on your firestick.

You can get the nbabite on your firestick. It’s a simple procedure. As nbabite is a third application source, so to get this on your firestick, you have to turn on the “apps from unknown source” option in your My Fire TV. Then download the Amazon Silk web browser on your Firestick. After downloading, open the application/browser and type the nbabite URL in the search box. Now click on your favorite team match link and enjoy the live telecast on your Firestick. All these steps have been described in detail above in the install section.

How to watch NBA on nbabite?

Nbabite has become a new home for all the NBA fans around the world, after the ban of the popular subreddit NBA streams back in 2019. Many fans around the globe were left disappointed as it was the only source that streamed the NBA for free. Buying a pass to watch the live game is a costly deal and not everyone can procure these hefty passes. So, to soothe their inner craving for the NBA, the Reddit NBA streams were excellent sources. It is estimated that around 400,000 followers used to binge-watch NBA on these streaming sites. But with them being permanently banned due to the copyright issue, nbabite has become a ray of hope for the NBA fans.

 You can live stream your favorite team match here for free. Just go to your browser and type the nbabite URL there. The site will open. Click on the match you want to see. Then tap the play button and enjoy the uninterrupted live stream of the NBA on your mobile and laptop screens.

How to watch NBA on TV?

You can watch the NBA on your television headsets by using the nbabite. For this, you have got two methods. First, if you have got the firestick plugin for your Smart TV, you can download the nbabite application on your Firestick. For this, go to your “Downloader” application in the homepage section. Then type the “nbabite Application” there. Click on the download button to get nbabite on your firestick. Allow permission for the application to get installed on your TV. it will take a few moments to get downloaded and installed. Now you can watch the nbabite using Firestick on your TV.

Secondly, you can cast your mobile screen with your Smart TV. The whole process has been described in detail in the cast section. 

One thing that compels you to use the nbabite is the uninterrupted streaming of the NBA. nbabite streams high-quality matches efficiently without ever being a risk of malware associated with it. You can rely on nbabite, as it has proven to be very useful for the live stream of the NBA.