Nigeria Customs: “From January to October 2023, we made $74 billion in MMA”

The Nigeria Customs Service, Murtala Muhammed Airport, MMA Command has announced that it has generated revenue of seventy-four billion, two hundred and eighty-six million, seven hundred and seven thousand, four hundred and forty-three Naira, one kobo (74, 286, 707, GBP 443.01 thousand) from customs duties and other fees.

This was announced by MMAC Command Area Controller Mohammed Yusuf at a press conference, while presenting a summary of the Command’s activities during the period covered by the audit.

Yusuf noted that the revenue realized by the NCS MMA Command from January to October this year exceeded the revenue collected during the same period in 2022 by a difference of fourteen billion, two hundred and thirty million, five hundred and eighty-one thousand, six hundred and nineteen naira, seventy-two kobo (14, 230, 581, 619.72 thousand yen), an increase of twenty-three percent (23%).

More insights

The Controller of the MMA Command further revealed that the Command’s revenues realized from January to December contributed to 76.34% of the annual target.

He also highlighted the resilience of customs officers in ensuring that agents comply with import/export guidelines, as well as enforcing government fiscal policies and other trade guidelines.

Here’s what he said

  • “The command has so far achieved 76.34% of its annual target. This was made possible by the officers’ persistence in ensuring that agents were required to make proper declarations and strictly adhere to import/export guidelines in conjunction with applicable regulations.
  • “In the area of ​​anti-smuggling operations, the officers and men of the Murtala Muhammed Airport Command do not rest on their oars in enforcing the government’s fiscal policies and other trade guidelines.
  • “The command intercepted unregistered pharmaceutical products suspected to be Tramadol tablets. The shipment was intercepted on suspicion of exceeding a threshold approved by the federal government. The total Duty Paid Value (DPV) of the above-mentioned items was three billion, five hundred and fifty-six million, eight hundred and two thousand, nine hundred and forty-two naira and eighteen kobo (3,556,802,942.18 thousand yen). The handover is scheduled for today.”

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