Plucky launches long-form content division; Jenna Faville has taken over as development lead

EXCLUSIVE: Plucky announced the formation of Plucky Pictures and the option of two key properties to begin the spin-off. This milestone represents an important step in Plucky’s mission to create engaging content across all media.

This news appeared after the company acquired options for two properties:

Survivalist a series of novels from the estate of author Jerry Ahern.

Calabrese the life rights of a Chicago Outfit member.

“On the eve of our tenth anniversary, we are excited to expand our creative services to include long-term content creation and production,” says Jeffrey J. Marks, partner at Plucky. “Given our success in short-form and our outstanding reputation for creating highly regarded mainstream titles and mobile content, combined with the opportunity to acquire the rights to two exciting projects, this feels like a natural evolution at the perfect time.”

Survivalist is an alternative historical fiction set in a post-nuclear Soviet-occupied America, following John Rourke’s efforts to reunite with his family. The books sold millions of copies.

“Jerry would be very proud that Plucky Pictures will be bringing back the Survivalist series and its many wonderful characters. Friendship, love and commitment. That’s what it was all about.” Sharon Ahern Page 2 of 2 Calabrese is an extremely true story of a fourteen-year-old orphan growing up under the care of his uncles, two of the most famous mafia killers in history. It is also the most successful prosecution of organized crime in U.S. history

“Both of these stories are interesting for very human, urgent and compelling reasons,” Marks says. Survivalist is more relevant today than when it was written at the height of the Cold War. This is frighteningly likely given current world events.

“Calabrese tells the almost unbelievably true story of growing up under the tutelage of the most prolific killer in the history of the Chicago Outfit, and becoming one by committing murders so that his nephews would never have to cross that line.”

Plucky has tapped Jenna Faville, former creative director at Big Picture Co., to lead the development of Plucky Pictures’ growing slate of both film and unscripted television projects.

“I’m thrilled to join the incredible Plucky team as we help launch and grow Plucky Pictures as we continue to create timely, compelling stories with broad appeal that explore the true nature of humanity,” says Jenna.

About Plucky: Founded in 2014 by David Clayton and Jeffrey J. Marks, Plucky is one of Hollywood’s premier major title design and production studios, operating in Burbank, New York and, as of September 2023, in London.

“As a native Londoner and film fan, opening London-based Plucky Ltd. and Plucky Pictures in the same year is simply a dream come true,” says David Clayton.

Plucky is known for his main title design, especially his frequent collaborations with Paul Feig, Tim Story, Wes Ball, Will Gluck, Robert Schwentke, Ted Melfi, Chris Columbus, Ben Falcone and Melissa McCarthy, and Mark Waters. Plucky has worked on over 900 projects including major feature titles, TV trailers, TV campaigns, commercials and branding.

“Without a doubt, Plucky is one of the most inventive and creative companies I have ever worked with,” says Paul Feig.


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