Police arrest two suspects in Anambra jungle justice case

Commissioner of Police, Aderemi Adeoye, has warned Anambra residents against jungle justice.

Adeoye said the Anambra command would no longer tolerate the lynching of suspects.

According to a statement by the command’s spokesman, DSP Toochukwu Ikengi, the police commissioner said on Friday that the perpetrators would be charged with murder.

The statement said two suspects have been arrested in connection with the recent mob lynching that resulted in the deaths of suspected criminals.

“Someone steals a phone and the mob kills him. The penalty for stealing a phone is three years in prison. Lynchers are committing murder, which is punishable by death because the courts have not delegated anyone outside the judiciary to try, convict and execute the suspects,” Adeoye said.

Adeoye commended the people of Anambra for their eternal vigilance and cooperation towards peace and security in the state, but urged them to report any criminal matter to the police.

“If they do not receive justice, they should contact my office directly. I assure the people of Anambra that the command will always discharge its responsibilities in maintaining law and order,” the police commissioner said. “The use of self-help is not necessary and will not be tolerated.”



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