Proof that Jason and Travis Kelce’s bond goes far beyond football

Travis Kelce AND Jason Kelce have a winning relationship.

And according to their mom Donna KelceThis is true even when Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs face Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles.

“Both boys are very, very close,” she told E! Donna, who recently collaborated with Ancestry! News before the match on November 20. “And there’s nothing better than getting someone to be more competitive and try harder, especially in Travis’ case, who was trying to be better than someone who was two years older than him. Constant competition to get there.”

Ultimately, Donna said, the 2023 Super Bowl — in which the Chiefs defeated the Eagles 38 to 35 — was a milestone for Travis, 34, and Jason, 36.

“It was the culmination of many years of being together and finally getting to the point where they were on the pitch together,” she added. “So that was really special.”

Playing in the NFL comes with many attractions, but it also comes with a lot of outside attention. Although, as Donna pointed out, Travis and Jason have a similar strategy when it comes to dealing with outside noise. (You know how All these headlines about travis and the girl Taylor Swift.)


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