Reverse removal of the Chief Judge of Osun – Group for Adeleke

A civil society organization, TOM Masterminds, TOM, has demanded the immediate reversal of the decision to dismiss the Chief Judge of Osun State, Justice Oyebola Adepele Ojo.

DAILY POST recalls that Justice Adepele Ojo was on Thursday fired by the Governor of Osun State, Ademola Adeleke.

The dismissal, according to a statement signed by his spokesman, Olawale Rasheed, followed a resolution passed by the Osun State House of Assembly on Thursday.

The Osun assembly also ordered the governor to administer the oath of office to Justice Olayinka David Afolabi as the acting Chief Justice of the state.

However, TOM during its November State of the State Address delivered in Osogbo on Friday by the Executive Director, Professor Wasiu Oyedokun Alli, appealed to Osun stakeholders to quickly call on the Governor and the House of Assembly to issue order to avert failure of constitutionality in the state.

He also added that if he fails to do so, Osun is heading into a dark abyss that must be risen against.

The statement said, “The news of the House of Assembly’s decision to remove the Chief Justice and ask the Governor to take the oath in his place has left us stunned.

“This is because we believed that the 8th Assembly, with real young people in it, should strive to set positive standards in legislation to convince everyone that young people indeed have the potential to lead.

“Unfortunately, the Osun State House of Assembly is fast turning into not just a rubber-stamp assembly, but a willing tool in the hands of the executive, used to legitimize any unlawful act the executive wishes to commit.

“We call on all men and women of good will who have love for the country at heart to quickly bring the Governor and the House of Assembly to order to prevent the breakdown of constitutionality in our dear country.

“If we are to remain a country governed by laws and not the dictates of just a few privileged individuals, the removal of the Chief Justice must be reversed. Osun State should never become a lawless state where we make decisions solely to suit the whims and whims of some people, regardless of the provisions of our laws and our constitution.”

The group, while warning against the alleged illegality of CJ Osuna’s dismissal, added that such actions tend to escalate into unrest and threaten the peace of the state.

Revealing that he had credible information about secret plans to physically assault Justice Adepele Ojo if she showed up for work, TOM warned those behind the plan to shelve the plan.

They warned Justice Olayinka David Afolabi not to allow himself to be used as a tool to malign the judicial institution in the state.

DAILY POST also learns that the swearing-in of Justice David Olayinka Afolabi as the acting Chief Justice of Osun State did not take place as scheduled on Friday.


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