Rivers cult clashes: 200 dead in two years

According to a report by the Niger Delta Partnership Initiative, at least 202 people have died in three years as a result of cult and gang-related violence in Rivers State.

PIND in its weekly update noted the increase in organized crime in the Niger Delta, especially gang-related violence in Rivers State.

Clashes between rival cult gangs are a major cause of conflict and insecurity in Rivers State.

Data extracted from the heat map formatted on the P4P peace map showed that between January 2021 and September 2023, over 200 people died as a result of cult and gang violence.

The data also showed an increase in cult activities in the state, especially following the recent episode when the state governor, Siminalaya Fubara, was almost removed from office by the state House of Assembly.

The report noted that an increase in gang violence could destabilize politics and governance in the country, especially given that “sect clashes and political violence are mutually reinforcing – sect gangs are often financed and used by politicians to attack opponents and influence election results.” .

The most incidents were recorded in Ahoada – 63 fatalities. It is closely followed by Port Harcourt LG with 60 deaths.

There were also 32 deaths reported in local governments around PHALGA.

Thirty people killed near Bayelsa National Force; Lewe had nine deaths; There were two deaths in Bonny LGA and a total of six deaths in local authorities around Bonny.

These numbers come from reported cases only.

For example, in September 2023, a renowned Divisional Police Officer was killed by members of a notorious cult gang in the Odeimude community, Ahoada East LGA.

In September, a young man was allegedly beaten to death by hoodlums suspected to be members of a rival cult gang in Rumuodomaya community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area.

In October, a youth was reportedly killed by armed men suspected of being cultists at Mile 1 in Diobu community in Port Harcourt Local Government Area.

Most recently, on November 12, 2023, assailants suspected to be members of a cult gang reportedly killed five people in Odiemerenyi community in Ahoada East Local Government Area.


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